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Fierce Earth competition for Juniors

The Juniors: Fierce earth competition

Choose volcanoes or earthquakes

Create a presentation on it to show what is so interesting about it. Try to include why they happen, what happens and what people do to protect themselves

This can be done on paper as a poster, cartoon strip, script, newspaper report or poem. It can be done as an active presentation and put onto a USB or emailed to school using the email below. This could be done as a play, song or dance (lasting no more than 2 minutes).  It can be done on your own, in a pair or group.

How will it be judged?
Marks will be given for three areas: effort, factual detail, and how interesting you make it.

Who will judge it? 
A panel of representatives from the student council and staff will judge the entries.

Prizes?  All entries will get a certificate (bronze, silver or gold) and the silver and gold winners will be entered into the end of year prize draw.

Closing date: Friday 9th June

  Any questions see Mrs Cannell in Year 6 or Mrs Jellicoe Year 4