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Welcome to all - Tea 'n' Toast Thurs mornings 8.30 am

Meet our latest Prayer Buddy - Mrs Pat Henshaw from PPW. We are thrilled that you have joined our special family of Prayer People!

A beacon of Light in the Community

Click on the link below to see our lovely vicar Rev. Marie-Anne presiding over the wedding ceremony of Scarecrows Betty O' Barley and Harry O' Hay. Thank you Rev. Marie Anne for always looking the part and bringing our learning to life. 

 Year 6 History Ambassadors visit the church Welcome In again.

We had a lovely time finding about memories of church and school.

Each class has a special prayer buddy from church- they will pray for the children and come to visit them in school. We love connecting with our church through prayer!

Reception share worship with their prayer buddy Mrs. Rose. We discussed special people in our lives and the values that they display.

St Philip's and St Paul with Wesley - such special place for our whole school family