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Spring 2 #DoTenThings



  #DoTenThings- 'You can help more people understand what it is to be a disciple of Christ in an easy way. Just Do Ten Things a year to make a difference by serving people and showing God's love' (Taken from the Liverpool Diocesan website)


This half term we are focusing on the value of Koinonia. We are using the Liverpool Diocesan idea of doing ten small things to change our lives and the lives of people around us. Each week we will have a different focus. Please encourage your child/ren to talk to you about what we are doing in school. We will be thinking about our focus in worship, class, PSCHE lessons, R.E and even P.E! 


 Please see our class Reflection books for more of our thoughts each week.



Week 1- Happy to me be!

Ideas we had about what makes us ' Happy to be me'!

Week 2- The world around me!

Year 5 and 6 lesson R.E lesson- Why should Christians care for the planet?

Class work- how can we teach others how to care for our world?

Class pledges- how will we change the world around us?

Week 3- Everyone is important to me

Year 6 worship on Commonwealth day

Class ideas - who is important to you? How should we treat others?

Week 4- Serving those around me

Examples of how we have served others- at home and in school

Week 5- Showing the best of me!