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Attendance, Absence and Lates



We pride ourselves on the excellent attendance and punctuality of all of our families, we see poor attendance as a Safeguarding Concern.  

Last year our attendance level was 97% which is fantastic.  You might spot our attendance stars on classroom doors!  We display these when everybody is in our class -  quarter to nine - right on time!


If a child's attendance falls below 95% the family will be contacted by the Head Teacher.  There will be a 3 week monitoring period during which time we would expect attendance to improve.  

If there is  no improvement families will be invited into school to meet with the Head Teacher  where improvement targets will be set.  We may support families with a number of strategies including Early Help, School Nurse support or other outside agencies. . Persistent Absence plans,  Attendance Panels and Legal Frameworks are also an option. 


Term time holidays cannot be authorised and families may be eligible for a fine from the Local Authority if they take their children out of school.


Families who are persistently late may also be eligible for a fine.  Our gate closes at 8.55 am. 


Absence due to sickness will be recorded as unauthorised if we do not receive written information regarding your child's illness upon their return.  You must phone school each day of your child's sickness absence.  We may request medical evidence if time off for medical reasons is frequent. 


As a school we will do all we can to support you if you find yourself in difficulty so please speak to us if you have any concerns. 

Attendance policy for use only during Covid phased re-opening

Mrs Edward is unable to authorise term time holiday unless the circumstances are exceptional. Local authority Guidance details the key points that you will need. Please ensure that you are fully conversant with this document if you intend to make an application for term time leave.