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Water Aid - Thanks for joining in the fun and supporting this great cause.

All the fun of the stepping stones and playground

Yum!! Many thanks to Sharon from Asda who helped us to make healthy pizzas.

Faith in Action Day - we had great fun working with our neighbours and learning how to be a better neighbour to everyone.

We are getting better and better at telling the time, please keep practising at home.

This half term we are comparing the Scottish Islands and the Caribbean. We had fun sorting and tasting fruits from both places and singing a calypso style song.

Year 2 were visited by Year 4 to listen to our "Owl and the Pussycat" poems. They thought we were brilliant!

World Book Day - Year 2, your costumes were amazing!

Shrove Tuesday. Thank you Reverend Marie-Anne for the delicious pancakes.

Internet safety Day. Two little aliens taught us about how important it is to keep our personal information safe when on-line.

Pompoms - getting ready for pompom prayer day.

Class assembly - We're going on a journey. Thank you to everyone who came, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

St Philips Has Got Talent! Harvey you were a star - you really do have talent.

It's panto time - oh no it's not!!!

Remembrance Reflection

Guy Fawkes came to visit us and help us to write his diary.

Prayer Spaces. We visited four different stations around the church and learnt about how God helps us to be strong and achieve our goals.

Ride it day. It is official, Year 2 are super cyclists. Amanda was very impressed with the children's determination, enthusiasm and excellent manners. Well done Year 2, Olympics next!

Wild Workshop. The children's faces say it all!! We had a very exciting afternoon learning about mini-beasts, frogs, mice and their habitats.

Five mischievous mice! We all fell in love with the mice and would have loved to keep them.

What a courageous crew

Drama workshop at the Atkinson. Year 2 had a fabulous morning learning all about the lifeboat disaster. They acted out the timeline of events, made up a class song and created all the sound effects.

Science. We have been exploring things which are dead, alive and never been alive. We sorted items in the classroom and looked for examples in our outdoor area.

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. In our groups, we sequenced parts of the story and then acted them out for our friends. We now all know the story really well so we are ready to write.

Wow! Thank you for the fantastic array of boats you all created.

Vision and Values Day - The Bible

How many books are there in The Bible?

Vision and Values Day - in Year 2 we learnt about - The Incarnation. We learnt how God came down to earth to live among the people. We hung the important words and ideas on the Christmas tree to remind us that God lived with us as Jesus and Jesus was born at Christmas.

Incarnation art - The children's own interpretations of the Incarnation.