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Photographs and displays

Year 5 - learning about how the planets orbit the Sun!

British Science Week 2020. We have been exploring "Our Diverse Planet" by learning about our solar system through the Stardome Planetarium. We have also been working scientifically to prove or disprove some of our theories.

Year 1's recreation of the Solar System

Still image for this video
Year 1 have been exploring "Our Diverse Planet" by revisiting the solar system in our Stardome Planetarium. They have designed and created planets, the sun and the moon as well as incredible shooting stars and a supercharged rocket. To infinity and beyond!

In June, Y4 had unusual visitors to show how different animals were adapted to their environments. The children were able to get "hands on" experience of the natural world and grateful thanks go to all at Birkdale for a fascinating afternoon.

Experiments in Sound- creating ear defenders using a variety of materials

Y3 dissecting flowers to identify parts used in pollination Spring 2019

Year 4 investigating how sound changes over distance Spring 2019

Y3 investigating the permeability of rocks Autumn 2018

Making Chocolate Rocks to understand Sedimentary, metamorphic and igenous rocks

Year 4 Sound and Vibrations