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R.E Spring 1 Week beginning 4th January

Ideas About God Knowledge Organiser

What is Christianity? | Religious Studies - My Life, My Religion: Christianity

Introduce the Christian religion.


  Monday 22nd June- Ideas about God 


 We are starting a new unit thinking about what God is like. We will be thinking about these: 


Key Questions 

  • What words would you use to describe God?
  • What is the nature and character of God?     What images do you have of God?
  • How is it possible for God to be visible and yet invisible?
  • Where is God?   How old is God?
  • What is God’s name?   What makes God happy?   What makes God sad?
  • What does God do all day?
  • Does God really know everything? How do you know?


In lesson 1 today we will be focusing on what the Bible tells us about God. Look at the powerpoint slides 1-6 . How would you describe God?


Watch the clip above background to our unit. 


Task 1- Powerpoint slide 7- Match the words to describe God with their definitions. 


Task 2- Powerpoint slides 8, 9 and 10 -What does the Bible say about God?  Read Exodus 34 verses 5-7.  Do you think God exists? Give reasons for your answers. 



Lesson 3 June 15th


Here are videos of three people from the past who were moved by their faith to make the world a better place. They put their faith into action.


The first is a woman whose name has recently been given to the hospitals built during this pandemic: Florence Nightingale.


The second is a name from the 1960s- Rosa Parks - and gives us some background to what lives were like for black people then and therefore helps us understand the Black Lives Matter movement


The last is Elizabeth Fry - she was outraged by what prisons were like in the 19th century.


All these people were motivated by their faith in God - though interestingly the first two videos do not mention this.


Watch the videos and think about who inspires you most? Think about what difficulties they faced in making changes. Who do you think has made the most difference? 

Lesson 2 Monday 8th June

Pentecost Lesson 4

Pentecost Lesson 3

Pentecost lesson 1 20.04.20

Monday 30th March Learning Activities: