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 Tuesday 5th January


Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Welcome back to remote learning too...we are going to be using TEAMS for this - hopefully from tomorrow - there is already work there if you can access it. If not...use this for today.

Please see the homework page for today's work



 Year 6 have produced some great history work this term - here are some of our prize winners.


 See below for photos of our History Ambassador team and our new, News Champion team


We've been raising money by designing Christmas cards and we've been learning about how to stay safe during Covid Christmas. 

Thank you to all of them! 

Art lesson- Banksy Advent graffiti -style art work

Science lesson- how does exercise affect our bodies?



Year 6 pupils have been leading our class worship this week. 

Our new, News Champions led our Big Picture News discussion - Should we treat everyone the same? 

Five other pupils led a worship about the election of Kamala Harris and how this links to other moments in history such as Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges. See below for the PowerPoint they used. 



 See below for some of the work we produced for our Remembrance Walk


We investigated - Why were animals important in World War One?


We found out lots of interesting facts and concluded that without animals the war would have been very different. There would have been transport and communication problems that would have seriously damaged our country's ability to fight. Other roles (like spying and sniffing out poison gas) were perhaps less important but still useful. They were also important for morale. It is hard to measure this. At a time when those fighting were often scared and lonely, animals provided comfort and hope. 

Some of us asked if we would have won the war without the use of animals. That would depend upon if the enemy was still using animals or not.


            Some pupils created these emotive speeches, urging people to                   remember the animals of war and why they were important - 

 We also investigated The Korean War - why has it been overlooked compared to other wars?

Pupils explored this and came up with lots of reasons. 

We watched an animated short film about a boy seeing the from a child's perspective.

This inspired the poems below. 



Remembrance walk

A snapshot of what we did on Remembrance Day

English- working with our 'Editing buddy' to edit our persuasive writing


Some of our rainforest prize winners 

See below for our fabulous display of poetry and balanced arguments about the rainforest. 



Our brand new history ambassadors - ready to serve our community! 

Congratulations on successfully applying for this role. 

Science- what effect does yeast have on bread?

Hexagon group in Maths solving problems

We learnt about persecuted Christians and made secret churches. We hid Bibles and crosses in our rooms and then spent time praying for persecuted Christians in North Korea.

We are so proud of the new British Values posters we have made which will be used around the whole school. See our designs below. 


Learning about our British values and exercising our freedom of opinion and  speech: sharing our opinions and explaining our ideas

Wondering Wednesday

Year 6 being creative poets and celebrating National Poetry Day 2020!

If you'd like to be a News Champion,

read on!


You get to share with our class and others about issues you feel strongly about.

Help keep our British values display board up to date.


To apply

Write, draw or create an application that shows a topic you are interested in. Last year we had topics like animal abandonment and plastic pollution. 


Some photos of last year's News Champions in action

Maths talking task- say the seven digit number and then round!

Congratulations to two of our history lockdown project winners.

Want to be a history ambassador?

See the history page in the curriculum section for details 

Nice to catch up with a history prize winner from just before lock down! 

Maths fun- Mathopoly!

Our first day in Year 6

Leaving photos are now here: see below!

The zoom

Outside: almost everyone chose a slushie as their school goodbye from the ice cream van

An enormous thank you Year 6 for your generous gifts and kind words. We will miss you! 

Lots of Love, 

Mrs Warham & Mrs Lund heart

Leavers' photos of their last day today will be posted online tomorrow lunch time for you all to see! 

Please watch the leavers' memory Powerpoint below. We have sound with it this time to also enjoy whilst watching! Just select 'From Beginning' and it will all play automatically. 

Our First Class Photo In Year 6

Our weekly gymnastics session with

our Beth Tweddle coach

World Book Day comes to Year 6

with detective/spy themed outfits from our

favourite books. 

History Ambassadors acted as lead learners as we learned about different cultures and also learned from them.

We also got the chance to try on this fabulous headdress.

Enjoying our hockey coaching session:

learning new skills and playing matches

Thank you to our fabulous History Ambassadors for leading

a moving and thought-provoking

Holocaust Memorial Day worship today.

Photos below

Testing out our locational knowledge in Geography!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

All the Year 6 staff would like to say a huge thank you for all the cards and gifts received for Christmas.


A glimpse of our first week back: see photos below

Hettie came in to explore music with a rap song.

A Beth Tweddle Coach came in to start our series of gymnastics sessions.

Christmas Party Day

Football coaching

         Odd socks to support anti bullying: it is okay to be different 

Our trip to the literature festival in Bootle

We enjoyed The Narnia Experience - taking a trip through the story and meeting Mr Tumnus, Mrs Beaver and even Aslan.

We also discovered a secret classroom where we learned how to write our own raps.

Year 6 History Ambassadors led our whole school Remembrance Journey

Our enterprise project

We were entrepreneurs!

We had the task of turning £20 into much more - and we did!

We had to come up with an idea that would sell and make us a profit.

We researched our costings to get the lowest prices. 

We made labels to make our products look attractive.

We put together a range of sweets to sell around the the of Frozen.

For example, we put marshmallows and other sweets so that a snowman could be assembled. We had snowman food as mini marshmallows. 

We had to pitch our products to the whole school and then we got to selling!

Working as a team we made £70 profit.

Here we are sharing our family stories of those who served in the two world wars of the last century.

       Here we are (the History Ambassadors)  visiting the Monument

Science: exploring the benefits of yeast

Helping each other learn: role play about different views of how we should use the rainforest

We have six fabulous History Ambassadors and here are our two new school councillors.

PE: this week we have explored the grips of backhand and forehand- ready for our shuttle rally next week!

We had a visit from Reverend Simon and Emily in RE today where we explored Jesus' life through bible stories and looked at our own life journey so far.

Year 6 opening their responses from Kensington Palace!! How Exciting!!