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Crosby Hall Educational Trust Residential 11-13 January 2017

What an active time we've had at Crosby Hall. Here's a list of our activities. Ask your child what was involved in each of the activities to get a better idea of the challenges they have overcome and the fun they have had over the 2 nights we've been away. We're glad to have all returned safely after our amazing residential. Being away together as a class is a learning opportunity like no other! Thanks to CHET and their staff - Graham, Kevin, Maddie, & Phil, plus the kitchen staff, who looked after us and fed us superbly well.

Bed making!
Street Dance
Activity Course
Low Ropes Course
Zip Wire
Shelter Building and Campfire
Egg Drop Challenge
Moonlit Night Walk visiting the Halkirk

We have also had chores to carry out: making our beds, clearing away our dishes after each meal, wiping the tables and sweeping the floors! You might be surprised to hear that your children were eager to offer to do these chores and carried them out to a tip-top standard! (I think many of them would be really happy to do this at home if they're not already doing it.)

Hope you enjoy the photo's we took.