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Photographs and Displays

Reception have been very busy finding out about their local area; and the people who help our local community. They also have been finding out where different foods come from such as the oranges in Handa's Surprise.

Y2 have been finding out about the continent of Australasia and exploring Aboriginal art through paintings and drawings. For more of their work, visit their class page and photos.

The children in KS1 have been finding out more about the UK. Here are some of their models and displays about London.

Using our "Mapping Skills" in Y4 to help us find out more about France

Looking at Maps- developing a global perspective and getting to know our local area

Geography is taught in half-termly blocks, alternating with History. Here is a cross-section of the topics undertaken across both Key Stages.It includes North American studies- a cross-curricular unit in Year 6, further development of African links with our twinned school in Rwanda, Chinese New Year, a look at our changeable British weather and seasons and comparisons of Liverpool with our local area. 
            Activities to develop and test our locational knowledge

Geography Fieldwork Year 6

In the classroom we made hypotheses (predictions) about what we would find on our fieldwork trip


What condition would the play area be in terms of litter, graffiti, vandalism and neglect?

Most of us hypothesised that the play area would be in good condition


What would the facilities be like in the park area in general?

Most of us hypothesised that the facilities would be good too


Would tourists have different views from residents?

Most of us thought yes. We thought that we tend to notice what is in our local area because we are used to it. We thought that tourists would notice more. If they came from more inner city, or run down areas they would probably be positive about the park: if they came from rural areas they might be less positive mad might notice any litter or graffiti more.

We will analyse our findings back at school and report upon them, evaluating our methods and making recommendations about the park.

Here's A Snapshot of Geography Across the School

Year 4 were visited recently by Kathy who helped the children understand more about the water cycle and weather. They were also taught how to stay safe near water; and the importance of saving and recycling this precious resource.

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