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Worship Warriors

Worship Warriors 2019-2020



This is our new group of Worship Warriors for this year- we are looking forward to meeting together and making sure that 'Christ is in everything we do' in our school.


Worship warriors prayer time- praying for prayers on our prayer wall


 Whole school values homework and Harvest offering- Service 


A group of Worship Warriors visited the food bank to take the donations of food from our R.E Values homework for Autumn 1 and Harvest offering.


We were able to see behind the scenes where the food is weighed, sorted and stored ready to give out to people who need some extra help.


We learnt that there are over 100 people who regularly serve and donate their time for free to help the Foodbank run smoothly.

Worship warriors visit the Foodbank storage unit at Lakeside church


Two worship warriors and myself went to the Liverpool Diocesan offices in Liverpool to spend time thinking about our school vision and how we put it into action in school. We had a great time and came back to school ready with our action plan to share with the other Worship Warriors. 

Vision Ambassadors morning at Liverpool Diocesan



 Worship Warriors 2018-2019 

This is our Worship Warrior group for this year- we work together to make sure that God and Jesus are always at the centre of everything we do in our school. 

Worship Warrior group 2018-2019

Parachute prayers!

Leading worship on Faith in action day

Prayer buckets!

My idea came from a ‘bucket list’ where you put lots of ideas of things you would like to do. In a prayer bucket you write your prayer  on a piece of paper and then post it into the bucket! If  you want to these can be shared in class worship.

The prayer buckets are all around the school for everyone to use, even the teachers can put a prayer in as there is one in the staffroom!  There is also one in the entrance by the Office so that visitors and parents can put a prayer in as well.


By Phoebie Edward Y6

Rev. Marie- Anne leading our Shrove Tuesday worship

Visiting the church prayer meeting

Delivering our love gift to Lakeside church


We organised a cake sale to raise money to buy a prayer wall for the hall. It was a fantastic day- children and staff visited the sale during the day. In our open afternoon our families came and bought cakes too! We raised over £200! We  ordered a beautiful prayer wall which is hung in our school and being used by everyone.

Thank you to everyone who sent cakes in and bought cakes!  

Our beautiful new prayer wall

Leading worship- Friendship

Worship warriors Cake sale

Worship Warriors leading worship with the help of the Schools Work team

Look at our bible time line day photos! We had a great time and finished with a special worship time.

One of our first jobs as Worship Warriors this year was to help Mrs Cooper and Mrs Edward organise our bible time line day.

We love bible stories and the lessons that we learn but we are not always sure which bit of the bible they are from.

Now we have our own time lines we will get better at doing this!

New Worship Warriors 2017-2018

We are utterly thrilled with our new after school Club - Worship Warriors.  These mighty Year Five Children are learning how to present Worship to the whole school and we have really enjoyed the fruits of their labour with a fabulous assembly about Gideon. 


We are so proud of our Year 5 Worship Warrior team who provide an amazing assembly for the whole school every week. So far we have had heard about Naman, Ruth and The foolish builder.