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MFL (Modern Foreign Language) is not part of the Curriculum in EYFS or KS1.

However, we do introduce the children in KS1 to French through listening and repeating vocabulary, songs and games.

Bonjour tout le monde! laugh

Here a few little facts I thought I would share with you all.


Did you know;

  • there are 29 countries in the world where French is the official language? The vast majority of these are in Africa.
  • there are approximately 74 million people in the world whose first language is French?
  • all continent names in French are feminine nouns?

Le Monde Francophone

VE Day in France

VE Day was a very special day in France's history and is celebrated all over the country every year.

Just like Britain, France suffered during the war and celebrating the end of the war was and is very important to them. 

The day it was announced that the war was over, the whole of the Champs Elysees was filled with people and vehicles waving flags, cheering and celebrating.

It was 8th May 1945.


Photos of VE Day In Paris Past And Present

Joyeuses Paques

My Language Angels  have been studying the similarity and differences in how the French celebrate Easter compared to how we do so in Britain. 

They had completed lots of research and put together a script for a French Easter assembly. Unfortunately, we were not in school to perform this but they hope to do so at a later date.  Watch this space for an update! 

Until then, I hope you like the 'Joyeuses Pâques' images above.

Bonnes Pâques Tout les Monde

Madame Afford

Fantastique Travail Français!

Have a look at the wonderful French work being completed during lockdown. yes


Please do send me photographs of your work. Be proud!! laugh

heart Mrs Afford heart