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Black History Month


Histingo with Year 2

 The photos below are up to 2020 - for more recent photos see the front page of the History section

Thank you to our fabulous History Ambassadors for leading a moving

and thought-provoking

Holocaust Memorial Day worship today.

Photos below

History Ambassadors visit the Jewish Cemetery

On November 22nd we visited our local Jewish Cemetery to investigate more about our Jewish Community in the lead up to Holocaust Memorial Day 2020.

We looked at how Jewish graves are different from Christian ones e.g. the dates and months used are sometimes different and there is usually writing in Hebrew. The religious symbol most often used is the Star of David and there are often candles and menorahs too. We also noticed that stones are used rather than flowers as a sign of remembrance.

We had an Anne Frank Ambassador with us to interview. Anna was able to tell us about what happened to Anne Frank and what her famous diary is about. One of the graves told us about a girl who came as a refugee to this country when she was five years old as part of the Kindertransport that rescued Jewish children in the 1930s.

We took time to reflect on the consequences of extreme hatred such as that exhibited during The Holocaust.

Photos are below

History Ambassadors led our afternoon whole school Remembrance Journey: we learned about a range of aspects of war and service and we used these reflect upon our

British Values.

 Learning from relatives and friends - learning from our local buildings


Below you can see in Year 6 we investigated what connections our family has to the wars of the last century.


The monument in town can teach us a lot about the past and it can help us appreciate our British Values. Helpers came along and shared their family stories of service from the two world wars.

History in our community


Year 6 History Ambassadors visit the church Welcome In.

They had a lovely time finding about memories of church and school.

History Fieldwork Y6

Our task was to visit King’s Garden

-which is a park opened over one hundred years ago in 1913-

and assess how much it has or has not changed; how that history is shown in the park and what visitors think about it.


We shall consider our findings back at school and produce a report and display about this.


Below are photos we took during out visit.

Year 6 The Maya Treasure Escape Room Challenge

History meets maths and team work skills

Assisted by our History Ambassadors as leaders at each activity...

To the accompaniment of Maya music, we had

 4 codes to break and combination padlock to unlock to reveal the treasure.

We had a word challenge and giant jenga to build a pyramid from.

All whilst learning more about The Maya


Year 3: Roman Soldier Visit

Our History Ambassadors continue to give up their time to act as Chronology Buddies with pupils from Year 1 and reception.

Thank you!      

Year 6 History Ambassadors act as experts for our classes.

Here they are as members of The Sioux from North America.

They answered questions and gave support in our group work.

Thank you.

You do a brilliant job

 History Ambassadors work throughout the year with younger pupils. They help run History Club and its library.

They use jigsaws and games to help with Infant children as well.

A seasons jigsaw is a great way of developing a sense of time with reception children.

Memory games help develop noticing skills .

Hands on History Exhibition

 Year 6 History Ambassadors hosted an exhibition for our community about our local history. We discussed their memories of school days and what Southport used to be like when they were young.

Use the link below to see the history elements in our British Values section...especially those to do with all our great remembrance activities and also our Grandparent Day.

Learning from our community. Huw's grandmother came and told about her family history which included refugees in the 1920s and an RAF pilot in World War Two. Mr Carver is also shown in the photos below giving a history tour of our church.

The Southport Sleuth competition encouraged children to talk to their relatives and learn about the history of their hometown. They had to be independent and work as detectives to find out about the past.

Below are the winners from across the different year groups as well as our display board.

Year 6 Trip to The Atkinson and Monument

October 17th 2018

We had a great time! We learned about Southport in the past.

We loved the exhibition called Double Take which merges photos from the past with photos of the same locations from today.

We explored the Frank Hampson exhibition. He was a local Southport boy who when he grew up put his faith and artistic talents in to action and in doing so became world famous. He decided that a Christian comic was needed with clear moral messages mixed with action and adventure. This was The Eagle with its hero Dan Dare.

We visited The Monument - our spectacular war memorial. We had a minute’s silence to honour those who served to defend our freedoms.

See the photos below

Year 6 History Ambassadors visit Welcome In church group


On Wednesday 3rd October, six of us from Year 6 went to the church Welcome In.

We have been making a new remembrance wreath to share with the church and we presented it to them. We thought ahead what questions we would like to ask so that we had some idea what we would find out about. We thought about how important it is to listen to answers  and be flexible with the questions we ask so that we have a conversation with the senior citizens rather than  going through a rigid check list of questions. Today was all about getting a flavour of lives in the recent past.

We really enjoyed our time with people who could tell us so much.

Here are a few things that we learned...

One man showed us his father’s medals from World War One

Some of them had left school at just 14 years old

Philip only saw a banana for the first time when he was seven years old because when the war was on fruit like that couldn’t get to us from so far away

A lady had brought in a train set from the 1930s

Betty had photos on her phone of when she was a nurse in the 1950s

One man gave us a bag of jelly babies and said that with rationing that was all a whole family got for a whole month!

Peter’s family only had two candles in the entire house to use during the black outs in World War Two.


Below is a slide show of the history that could be seen around the school on just one day...July 4th

We are so proud of our Australia competition winners. It was great to read about the history of this country, especially the Aborigine culture. It was also great to read about the history behind the Commonwealth Games.

History Ambassadors are keeping busy. They have been visiting the Infant Classes in  historical costumes so that the children can ask questions about who they are supposed to be and what life was like in the past. Year 2 pupils come on Thursday to work with the Chronology Buddies and get a sticker for giving answers to questions about how a town grew from the Stone Age to now. They do other things too like castle jigsaws and spot the mistake in history pictures.