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Your child will receive weekly spellings that will be given out in their yellow spelling books.

Spelling tests will be every Friday.

Children are expected to practise their spellings each week. We will be working hard on developing and securing our spellings over the year; therefore, it is important for all children to practise their spellings daily over each week and to revise words that they may not be secure in.


Children will  be working hard to achieve their spelling badge awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold in their Spelling Passports. Please find below the documents showing you what these words are as well as a copy of the spellings for each week for Autumn 1.

The Year 3 and 4 statutory spellings can also be found on the front cover of your child's homework book.


For further information on how to support your child in learning their spellings, please visit our English page under our Curriculum icon at the top of the website page.


There are also fun spelling ideas in your child's homework book, along with tables and reading aids.