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British Values

The pupils below all got certificates from the competition run by Never Such Innocence.

Their entries were poems on the Korean War and speeches about the use of

animals in World War One.

Florrie got 2nd prize for her speech - from over 3000 entries worldwide. 

Learning about other cultures and how badly they have been treated in the past - these prize winners wrote great speeches and letters to defend the native people of America against those who hated and persecuted them. 

The Census is coming! 

Here is our Wondering Wednesday introduction to this important event - democracy and citizenship


 March 8th - International Women's Day AND Commonwealth Day


Here is a worship that touches on both these important topics - part of our democratic values and mutual respect, equality and fairness

 Fair trade Fortnight - February and March 2021 

Here is our pupil voiced worship on this topic along with a short play voiced by pupils and our school display

 January 27th is Holocaust Memorial Day

See the worship video below to mark this international event - mutual respect

Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

A short worship video for January 27th

 Our News Champion Team is up and running!

Helping keep us up to date with news events and exploration of our British Values.

Recently they have been leading Y6 in understanding how to keep safe in this Covid Christmas. 


 Our History Ambassador team have been designing Christmas cards to raise money for charity. 

Because we have been learning about migration and refugees in history we decided to donate to help refugees. 

Remembrance walk

Celebrating our values and the sacrifices made to defend them

 PowerPoint for Parliament Week worship

Parliament Week

Learning how they debate in Parliament.

We chose speakers to direct our debate.

We bobbed to get their attention.

We used the phrase ‘The Right Honourable…’.

We sat down when we weren’t talking.

 We referred to each other’s opinions.

 The question was:

Should we ban zoos?


 Getting ready for Parliament Week 2020

Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 are taking part in


 Our British values news board keeps updating!

   Our brand new history ambassadors - ready to serve our community!



                                Video and discussion material

Learning about our British values and exercising our freedom of opinion and  speech: sharing our opinions and explaining our ideas

Wondering Wednesday

 Getting ready for Black History Month



Look what we've been doing


                    Windrush podcast below

 Year 6 have been exploring our British Values and designing posters and logos to help revamp our school posters: see below

 We practised our freedom of speech and participated in our democracy by discussing our ideas for the

Southport Town Deal


Today (15.9.2020) is the 80th anniversary of the

Battle of Britain 15th September 1940

Sacrifice for our freedom

Here are some photos of our relatives who were in the RAF.


Southport joins in saying Thank you! for VJ Day

Remembering sacrifices made 75 years ago for our freedoms and values

 Black Lives Matter: want to know more about what is happening?


Here is a podcast made by a Father and his primary aged children about the history of the slave trade and some consideration of what has happened recently. 

May 12th = 200 years since Florence Nightingale was born

Here is a video to help us know more about this national hero whose name has recently been given to hospitals across the country. 

Think you'd make a good MP?

Use the link below to play a game that helps us understand what it involves.

   Thank you to pupils who have shared some of     their family stories from World War Two - stories   that help inspire us to appreciate our

British Values.

See our video below

Pupil stories of relatives from WW2

 V.E Day May 8th

See the history page link and staff video below for lots of information about how we are marking this important day.

Days like these allow us to really appreciate our British Values.

Without the sacrifice of ordinary people for the 6 years of war and the years of rationing and rebuilding that followed, we would not have the freedoms that we have today. 

St Philip's Staff WW2 Relatives

As we commemorate VE Day on its 75th anniversary, St Philip's staff have shared some stories and photos of their relatives.

Year 6 History Ambassadors led our worship on Commonwealth Day

Pupils increased their knowledge and understanding of what The Commonwealth is and how

 British Values operate within it. We looked in more depth at the theme of Together We Can Make A Difference and help protect our planet.

History Ambassadors act as lead learners as we learn about different cultures and also learn from them: mutual respect

 Mutual respect: marking Holocaust Memorial Day

with our display (photo below) and an assembly for the Juniors.


Christian Value = truthfulness

We cannot be effective citizens if we do not know what the truth is!

Finding out the truth is not always easy. Year 6 have been using the Newsround websites to get their facts about recent world events. They have then discussed their views based on these facts e.g. What should Prince Harry do? Should cars be allowed in city centres?  If trainers are so bad for the environment - what should we do?

St Philip’s Election results 2019

The school - including staff- voted as follows

Conservatives 67

Lib Dems 66

Labour 88



Year 6 News Champions led our worship time and we heard speeches representing the 3 parties standing here in Southport.  We then had the chance to cast our vote and practice our democratic rights and individual liberty.

Wondering Wednesday continues to get us thinking and talking about our British Values.

Last week: Whose responsibility is pollution?

This week: Should animals be used for entertainment?



History Ambassadors visit the Jewish Cemetery

British Values: tolerance and mutual respect


We had an Anne Frank Ambassador with us to interview.

Anna was able to tell us about what happened to Anne Frank and what her famous diary is about. One of the graves told us about a girl who came as a refugee to this country when she was five years old as part of the Kindertransport that rescued Jewish children in the 1930s.

We took time to reflect on the consequences of extreme hatred such as that exhibited during The Holocaust.


Photos are below

It is okay to be different: tolerance and respect



Our Remembrance Journey


 Our History Ambassadors led 7 sessions: windows, mirrors and doors activities that helped us get a deeper insight into remembrance and appreciating our British Values.



Our remembrance display in Byng House

British Legion Holiday Centre

Demonstrating respect and recognising service and sacrifice

                  Parliament Week

Classes are discussing....

Remembrance is a key part of appreciating our British Values.


We remember those who have served to protect our values.

In doing so we appreciate our democracy, rule of law, tolerance and freedoms.


Here are the Year 6 History Ambassadors visiting The Monument where over one thousand names remember those who have served and died from our town.




Helping each other learn is a way of serving and showing respect


Here we are taking a lead role in exploring views about the rainforest

 New History Ambassadors

Already active citizens, serving our community by helping others.

Democracy and service in action

Classes have elected their school councillors.

Here are the Year 6 representatives.

They will have to listen to the views of the class and then try to explain these at council meetings.


Respect and Service

 Year 6 History Ambassadors visit the church Welcome In.

They had a lovely time finding about memories of church and school.

Geography and History Fieldwork

 in the park.

The skills and tasks we used in this field work link to our

British Values

Geography = We were looking at the facilities and condition of the park area. We used a questionnaire to find out what visitors to the park thought about it. Mostly they loved it! This meant that we were talking to the public and gathering data: a process that helps us to appreciate our local area.

History = We were looking at how much the park has changed since it opened in 1913. At first glance we thought it had changed a lot but when we used the information boards and looked at individual areas we discovered that a lot of the park is very similar to one hundred years ago. This meant that we were looking more closely at our local area and understanding it better.


Back at school we will produce reports on what we found, evaluate our findings and make recommendations on how to improve the area in future.

Rule of Law

Learning about road safety in whole school worship


The Maya Treasure Escape Room Challenge

Year 6 demonstrated great team work skills…which of course help to develop our values of respect and tolerance.

They were also learning about another culture whilst doing this! History Ambassadors lead the tasks and supported the other pupils…again showing respect and citizenship.

Learning about how people lived in other eras helps us to appreciate the values we have now.

Year 3 got to meet a Roman soldier!

British Values: Mock Election

Mock election…who would we vote for in local elections?

Christian and British Values…respect and individual liberty

Practising for our democratic process

We used ballot papers for our secret ballot.

First we voted without looking at what the local parties were offering: Labour won.

Then we read about what the local candidates had said they would do and discussed in groups what we thought. The information was numbered rather than labelled with a political party’s name.

The Green Party won

See photos below.

Year 6 News Champions and History Ambassadors lead class worship around the school about the

British and Christian Value of Respect


We looked at special religious buildings. First we looked at Notre Dame and the fire there over Easter.

Then we looked at the religious buildings used by Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs.

British Values of mutual respect and tolerance

come from helping each other and sharing what we know.

History Ambassadors continue to act as Chronology Buddies with younger children to help them develop a better understanding of history and so appreciate the society and values we have today.







News Champions visit more classes!

This time we focussed on our Christian value of Service and linked it to news stories about how to look after our planet. We used Newsround videos about the damage caused by single use plastic items and non biodegradable glitter.

This also helps us develop our British Values as we learn more about the world around us and

how to be better citizens within it.

Year 6 History Ambassadors and News Champions help others worship and learn.

Wondering Wednesday got us to think about

 Rule of Law, Respect and our Individual Liberty

                                        Should schools be car free zones?

Commonwealth Day

We celebrated being part of The Commonwealth family with a special worship time led by our News Champions from Year 6.

World Book Day

Loving reading and sharing our favourite stories will help us be better learners and better able to take an active part in our communities

Helping each other learn helps our community.

Year History Ambassadors acted as experts for their class.

They answered questions and gave support in our group work.

Thank you.

The School Council…our democracy and mutual respect in action

Go Orange for Muscular Dystrophy

We led an assembly to explain about this and to encourage children to raise money to help our community.

We watched a video about one of our pupils and his family.

Hands on History Exhibition


Practising our values of service and citizenship, Year 6 History Ambassadors hosted an exhibition for our community about our local history. We discussed their memories of school days and what Southport used to be like when they were young.

 Year 6 spread the word about British values by delivering class worship sessions to Y1-6 in which pupils considered what each of the four main values means and how they could be a better citizen

 To be great citizens in our democracy we need to be able to express our opinions clearly.

Here is a display about our pupil voice.

Year 6 led a whole school worship about wisdom and justice…linking these Christian Values to our British Values

We used the example of Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Fry and Florence Nightingale as people who were wise enough to act when they saw that things were unfair. Fry and Nightingale were devout Christians who did what God told them to do even though it was not easy for them. They helped make our country a fairer and better place. We are free in this country to make lots of choices. Because we live in a democracy we have the right to give our opinions and try to change things…just like they did. Thank you to our volunteers who worked hard on this in their own time…great role models for our younger children.

Helping each respect

History Club

Year 6 History Ambassadors help run History Club for Year 3.

They staff the library and help out with games and activities.

We are recruiting new News Champions!

Year 6 pupils are busy making applications and undertaking test tasks and interviews.

Watch this space to see who is selected and what they will do to help our school community.

Classes are looking at different Christian values this term. For example Year 4 and 6 are looking at wisdom and

Year 2 and 5 are looking at courage.

Below are some photos of Year 6 getting ready to lead a class and whole school worship on wisdom.

They have linked it to British Values.

We need to use our freedom wisely…making good choices…ones that make our communities better places.

Sometimes this takes courage.

We learned about how Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Fry both had to be brave to follow God and change what they thought was wrong at the time they lived.

Our installation to commemorate the sacrifices made by the RAF in protecting our way of life

 Raising money for charity and learning how to budget to make money!


Year 6 History Ambassadors have taken the lead in making money for charity and for our history club.

They have designed cards, worked out the costs in producing them, worked as a team to produce them and set a price to ensure they raise money from them (or at least meet their costs!) This shows the values of mutual respect and citizenship. Here is a photo of some of the designs.

Year 6 preparing to teach and teaching the younger classes about topics in history. Enjoying the rights of our free country is great but we also have responsibilities to each other too!

See below for Year 6 leading class worship about the British Value of Individual liberty.

They took sessions in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5

Are we a throwaway society?

We are free to make choices but do we always make the right ones?

Should we take more care with what we use and throw away?

God made humans to look after this wonderful planet.

What would Jesus do?

Pupils thought about throwing away less, especially single use plastic items like straws and water bottles.

More learning from our church community: mutual respect.

Year 6 History Ambassadors visit the church with Mr Carver to learn more about it.

We respect others. We learn from others. Here is one of our grandmothers telling us about her family history. It involved refugees and RAF pilots. Older people have lots they can tell us. It helps us understand who we are if we know about our family histories.

The Southport Sleuth competition encouraged children to talk to their relatives and learn about the history of their hometown. They had to be independent and work as detectives to find out about the past.

Below are the winners from across the different year groups as well as our display board.


 Year 6 History Ambassadors practise some of the skills of citizenship. Here they take a lead and share what they know with younger pupils.

Here they are as Ancient Greeks helping Year 4 with their history unit.


Class worship links to our British Values


We take responsibility and work as a team to lead the rest of the class and our parents in activities and reflections


Here are Year 6 thinking about how The Bible guides us to treat each other.....



Their theme was love and they used John 13:34

( a new commandment I give you...that you love one another as I have loved you...)

and the film A Wrinkle in Time

( where the love of a sister for a brother defeated evil)

as their focal points.

Parliament Week has begun!

Year 6 will demonstrate a debate for the school.

All classes will choose activities to develop our awareness of how our democracy works.

Photos below



Year 6 Parliament Week debates

We investigated our Class worship theme of ‘It’s not fair!’

We did this by exploring child labour in the 19th century and its parallels today.

It was only because people saw what was happening and said ‘It’s not fair!’ AND did something about it that we have better lives today.

We practised dramatic speeches calling for an end to child labour.


We also had mini debates about a range of topics e.g.

Should people have to go to church at least once over Christmas?

Should people be allowed to spend whatever they like on their pets?

Should shops be allowed to sell Christmas items before December?

Reception got busy learning about democracy by voting 

for favourite books

Year 6 History Ambassadors worked with the Year 3 History Club to write about their favourite

British Values

Year 6 Parliament Week worship

Our debate was this:

Should primary aged children be allowed to use social media?

St Philip's In London for remembrance 2018

Our wreath was placed at The Cenotaph as part of The Nation's Thank You.

Our Unremembered photo was part of a billboard display.

Our RAF100 plane templates are on show until January at RAF Hendon

with one of them chosen for the exhibition poster.

See the London PowerPoint below

Remembrance Activities

See below for photos


Year 6 History Ambassadors visit the church to find out more about World War One

Mr Carver from our church family, led a session in which he explained about the church war memorials. He had photos of some of those who served and he told us stories

about some of them too

The Remembrance Room

All year groups have visited the Remembrance Room.

Mrs Cooper set up a variety of interactive activates to give more depth to our understanding of remembrance.


 We have a special remembrance worship open to our relatives and

church members

on Friday




Our RAF100 plane templates are being installed at RAF Hendon in London ready

for remembrance this week.

We were given names of Scottish service men and women from World War One. You can see some of them in the pictures below.

Our poppy cascade is now on show!

All children and staff have now made a remembrance poppy

under the guidance of Mrs Rothwell.

Here are some of the children  remembering a local war hero from the  King's Liverpool Regiment

Private E W Jones who died 18th May 1918


Our poppy installation includes the names of more than

400 soldiers who served in World War One

whose names are on the memorials in our church.

Year 6 learning about their local environment....its history and legacies. 

Learning about our town's history helps us to appreciate and value it more.

Learning about local heroes like Frank Hampson and the lifeboat crews can inspire us.

Taking time out to honour those who have served in war is an important part of valuing our democratic values.


We are coming to the end of our World War One centenary commemorations.

The photo below shows the school on Southport beach with other Sefton schools back in 2014, forming a giant remembrance poppy. We all got soaked that day. Now we are about to complete our poppy cascades, RAF planes and Unremembered projects. Watch this space for photos!



Here are some photos of our exhibition to commemorate the events of 100 years ago

The formation of the RAF

The Unremembered from the Labour Corps

Women getting the vote for the first time

And how these have contributed to the British values we have today which underpin our way of life today

Mrs Maguire and the School Council organised

Grandparent Day 2018


This was a wonderful event that got young people talking about their

own family histories.

It promoted mutual respect. See photos below.