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Photographs and displays

Year 3 have been working on an amazing Easter collage based around the Big Questions;

'Is Good Friday the beginning or the end?'

'Is the cross a symbol of sadness or joy?'

'Is Easter Sunday the end or the beginning?'

Art displays around school

Y4 have been looking at the skeleton and how muscles work with our bones. We made moving hands using sugar paper, art straws, string and glue. They were able to use the strings to bring the fingers upwards, just as we move our hands to make a fist.

Y4 making moving hands

Y2 used long egg cartons as their bases for a caterpillar. They trimmed the cartons carefully to shape, painted them and later decorated them. they added googly eyes and used pipe cleaners for antennae.

Y2 Making caterpillars

Y5 have been studying America. In art, we have been looking at the work of Ansell Adams who was a famous American photographer. He was the first to produce photography as an art form. Ansell Adams focused on landscapes of California; in particular the Yosemite National Park. the children used graphite sketching pencils to complete landscapes by Adams. They focused on using the various softness of pencils from B-9B.

Y5hing landscapes by Ansell Adams

In Y6 we were looking at the work of the famous graffiti artist 'Banksy'. This was a curriculum link with their history topic of Politics. The children enjoyed studying the murals created by Banksy and debating whether his work was illegal graffiti or a true art form. We discussed the social and political messages he makes and topics he addresses. Using only tone & shade, working in graphite  sketching pencils and occasionally one other colour, the children produced the 'missing half' of some of his murals.

Y6 Banksy Art

Y1 Using oil pastels to create compositions in the style of Kandinsky

The children were studying the work of the artist Wassily Kandinsky and produced their own compositions in the style of some of his work. They used oil pastels to mix, giving the effect of using oil paint as he had.