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Collective Worship

We are a Church of England School.  We are proud to be distinctly Christian.  We are different because we have Christ at the heart of everything we do.  We believe in God the Father, his son Jesus Christ and we believe in the power of his holy spirit, this means that we are faith driven in all that we do. 

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Statement of entitlement


At St. Philips we  are committed to offering high quality collective worship. We recognise and value collective worship as central to fostering a sense of community and to express our schools Christian vision. Collective  worship is held daily and is an opportunity to reflect on larger questions of meaning and purpose.  It is a chance to foster a sense of fellowship and cohesion within the school community. 


Our worship is inclusive, invitational and inspiring. We aim to 'Nourish those with faith, encourage those of other faiths and challenge those with no faith. We are passionate about worship impacting the children's lives beyond the classroom and encouraging all children to 'Live life in all its fullness' and give them a sense of hope for the future. 


We follow a recognisable structure and as a Church of England school will use our collective worship times to build on the rich, lived diversity of Anglican tradition and identity.  


Crosses to celebrate Easter

Walk to Easter celebration 2021

Year 6 leading class worship

Year 5 leading class worship


Advent 2019- putting our values into action- Compassion


Christmas time is here again! Last year we were amazed at the incredible generosity of our families when we collected items for the needy in Southport and created the amazing bags of goodies which were distributed at the Extravagant Christmas meal. 


 Once again this year we have decided to support families who live in our town through the Southport Baby bank. This is a relatively new charity, started in October 2019 by one of our own Reception mums. The Baby bank aims to help families with young babies through giving essential items and small treats. They have given a suggested list of items and each class has a specific item to collect. A box will be place in each classroom for any gifts- please feel free to send in items to school at any point until the end of term. 


Thank you in advance for your generosity- we can't wait to see the children putting compassion into action! 



Advent collection- Southport Baby bank

Children in Need worship

First worship of the new school year- Making the most of new opportunities!



Each year group spent the day learning how Christians and other faiths put their faith into action.  We had a fabulous day- working and learning together. Click on the links below to find out what different year groups did.  

Class worship

Year 5 leading class worship- Perseverance


Windows, Mirrors and Doors 

This year we have introduced using 'Windows, Mirrors and Doors' as a way to structure our worship times. We also use this as part of our Prayer spaces events. 


The powerpoint below explains it in more detail. It has been a fabulous way to develop spirituality in the children and staff. Giving an opportunity to really reflect on the worship and think how it is going to impact our attitudes, behaviour or choices in the future. 



Worship time with the Blackburn Bishop's team!


  Thank you to everyone who entered our Pom Pom making competiton! You all worked so hard on these at home ! 

Pom pom competition entries!

Year 6 leading worship in Year 5- Wondering Wednesday

The Greatest snowman show by the School Work Trust team

Putting our values into action- packing the wash bags full of gifts for the homeless and needy in our town

Worship Warriors leading worship - Friendship

History Ambassadors leading Year 5's Wondering Wednesday worship

Tabz leading worship- Choose Respect

Harvest service in church- Rainbow God

Class worship in Year 5

Remembrance Day worship

Eat Honey - Make Money... to help others make a living. Our Harvest Project is all about Bees!

Church/School Communion

Collective Worship is the glue that holds us together.  Just like a family we meet together every day to celebrate and learn about God's love for us, to hear the teachings of Jesus and to welcome his holy spirit into our lives.  We pray for ourselves and for others and thank God for everything that we have.


During our worship we learn how to make our whole world a better place by living in the way that Jesus taught us to.  Christian Values are the basis of our worship and we like to live by these values each and every day.