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We had great fun at our Christmas party and fair.

Poor baby monkey has lost his Mum.  We phoned the police to report him missing.  Who is missing?  When was he lost?  Where was he lost?

Reporting th lost monkey

Today we became super history detectives. We know that historians look for clues about the past. We looked through dinosaur poo to see what we could learn. In one of the poos, we found the remains of leaves and twigs and in the other, we found bits of bones and teeth. We discovered that some dinosaurs eat meat and some eat plants.

Investigating 'Dinosaur poo'

Wheelie Club Fun

This week we have been learning about '1 more'.  Children used bottle tops to complete the '1 more' problems.

Bottle Top Maths Problems - One more

Modelling and sequencing for our dinosaur story