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Year 6 getting creative and creating their very own poems for National Poetry Day 2020!

English In Action Year 2 Autumn 2020

English in Action Autumn 2020 Year 5

"My Life In Lockdown" Competition

Wow!! What an incredible selection we have from you all for this exciting competition and what a way to share all the fantastic activities we have all been up to over lockdown! 

A GREAT BIG thank you to each and every one of you who has entered the competition, all your fabulous entries look fantastic! I have loved reading about all you have been up to and have loved all the creative ways in which you have chosen to present your ideas! 

We are not announcing the winner just yet as all your entries need to be collaborated with all the other Southport schools taking part but we couldn't not share all of your fantastic efforts!! 

Looking at our superb selection, I am very excited to see the results! 

Enjoy browsing all our beautiful entries and well done again!! 

Take care, Mrs Warham laugh



"Life In Lockdown" Reception entries:

"Life In Lockdown" Year 1 entries:

"Life In Lockdown" Year 2 entries:

"Life In Lockdown" Year 3 entries:

"Life In Lockdown" Year 4 entries:

"Life In Lockdown" Year 5 entries:

"Life in Lockdown" Year 6 entries:

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