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Subject Leader Training and Continued Professional Development

 BETH TWEDDLE CPD Spring 2020 and Summer 2021


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Beth Tweddle Gymnastics is a valuable CPD opportunity for teachers. Running over either a full term or a full year, pupils have a great gymnastics experience whilst teachers receive practical training. All CPD is covered by Level 2 Qualified Coaches, where they help teachers to develop their understanding of how to run a gymnastics session as well as identifying how to engage all children, regardless of ability - as we all know that each child develops in different ways.

Introduction to First Aid (Teachers and TAs) February 2023

Occupational Therapy Training (teaching staff) January 2023

Handling equipment gymnastics May 2022

Enich OAA training Jan 2022

PE tracking November 2021

Staff inset meeting April 2021

PE co-ordinator Cluster Meeting - 3rd February 2021

PE co-ordinator Cluster Meeting - 23rd September 2020

PE co-ordinator Cluster Meeting - 3rd March 2020

Staff inset - November 2019

PE co-ordinator Cluster Meeting - 1st October 2019