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Tuesday 30th June 

Today you are researching how various species have adapted to live and survive in their extreme habitats. See how many different species you can research and how many fact file cards you can complete. This research will help you for next week's task.

Friday 19th June 

Today you are going to be exploring all about how different animals species adapt to live in their surroundings. When you are back to school, we will be having some fun and getting creative with this but in order to do so- you first need to get some background knowledge of examples of different animals and how they survive living in their extreme  habitats. Read through the Powerpoint and then complete the 3 activities. 

Friday 12th June 

This lesson  you are going to continue to explore about inherited characteristics. Watch the clips to remind yourself of the key terms. Click on the Powerpoint to begin your lesson. 

Friday 5th June 

This week we are starting our new unit which is all about what we inherit in a genes and how living things adapt to their environment. Open up the Powerpoint which will guide you on the activities to complete that are uploaded. 

Friday 22nd May 

Today is our last lesson on our topic of electricity. You have several short clips via the links below to watch which are then followed by some circuit diagram activities for you to complete. 


Friday 15th May

Today you are going to be exploring what volts are and who helped discover this concept. Click and open the Powerpoint up first. Watch the video and then complete the activities when the slides show you to. When looking at electric appliances, you must ask your parents permission. The appliances should also be switched off. 

By the end of the lesson, you will be able to get creative in making your very own leaflet- designed however you choose. Look online at leaflet designs to give you some inspiration if you like. Have fun and post on our blog once you have finished your impressive work.

Friday 15th May Lesson 3

Friday 1st May 

For lesson 2 today, look at the ppt all about the circuits and components. Try drawing your own circuit on the activity sheet and use the example to help. You also have a memory game you can download and play. See Purplemash for 3 set short games relating to today's lesson. 


Friday 24th April 

Our new topic is all about electricity this half term!! Have a think about what you already know- you might surprise yourself! Download the new knowledge organiser for this topic- see the key words, links and suggested activities. The web link below has lots of Bitesize resources for you to refer to for this lesson as a starter and Purplemash has lots of Science activities for you to complete.

Once you have visited these sites, have a look at the Powerpoint and activities also attached below. Have fun! smiley

Amazing Science Experiments That You Can Do At Home Cool Science Experiments (Top 10)

LAb 360 brings to you 10 amazing science experiments that you can easily do at home using everyday household items. Welcome To LAB 360 where science is fun.
If you choose to have a go at any of the investigations, make sure you ask your parents permission and you have them help you carry out the investigations safely!
Any videos or photos of what investigations you get up to with your parents- email them to me, I would love to see them and we can share them on our website!