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Traditional Tales - Using adjectives to describe a setting

Here is an example of some terrific work written by Mason where he describes a setting based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

It was a dark, gloomy evening as Red Riding Hood slowly walked further into the scary woods.  She chose the path with terrifying trees which had spooky faces and screamed as she fell into a ditch as deep as a canyon.  Her blood froze as she heard the howling of a wolf.  She saw a flushing, gushing river and the only way over it was to cross over an old, creaking bridge.  She hesitated and picked up some courage.  When she crossed the bridge Red Riding Hood saw an old, creepy mansion but she ignored it and carried on walking.  Soon she reached her Grandma’s cottage and sprinted into her house.
Mason Burroughs Wood, Y3