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 Year 6  2020-21


Please find below work for the current Year 6 Oct 2020. Powerpoints can also be found in the 'Curriculum' section of the class web page. 

Thank you,

Year 6 team 


 English work week beg Nov 30th


Please see the RE folder- our work this week is R.E based- writing the conversation between Mary and Joseph



 Below are video clips which will help you with this weeks English tasks: 


 Work for week beginning 16th Nov- Detective story Week 2


Please find below the powerpoint for this week and useful websites to help revise before the lessons (or after if you are still unsure).


Pre-teaching or revision- useful web links

Meet Grammarly's Tone Detector- Formal tone

It's not just what you say - it's how you say it. Deliver your message the way you intend to. ..

Writing Strategies | 6 Ways to Start a Sentence | Sentence Structure | Learn to Write

Know what you want to write but aren't sure where to start? These sentence prompts will help. Remember these 6 openings and you can write anything you want! ...

wb Monday 13th July 100 word challenges

Monday 13th July 

Today you are completing slides 12-13 of your work booklet. 

Tuesday 14th July 

You have two tasks today! See the letter template below for you to plan and write a letter to your new form tutor. Once completed, click on the links below for your next Be Awesome lesson.

Tuesday 14th July 

Complete slides 14-15 of your work booklet.

Thursday 16th July 

Today, make the most of your last home learning day and reflect on your time at St Philip's. Use this time to write a letter to a teacher that you have really enjoyed having whilst being at St Philip's- you may find you might want to do more than one. Once finished, you can either email to the office or myself and we can pass on your lovely letters. 

Friday 10th July

As you have enjoyed being code breakers... try this mystery challenge!

100 word challenges wb 06.07.20

Monday 6th July 

Complete slides 6-8 of your work booklet once you have gone through the Powerpoint. 

Thursday 9th July 

Today your are completing session 4 and you need to refer to slides 9-11 in your work booklet. 

Thursday 2nd July 

Today you are focusing on Martin Luther King Jr. Read through the Powerpoint and follow the sequence of activities and questions. Your template is attached below for you to use for slide 10. 

Wednesday 1st July 

Today, you are going to use the facts you obtained from last lesson in your comprehension and you are going to get creative! I would like you to present an informative piece of work that centres all around Nelson Mandela: what he achieved, who he was, why is he famous? What can we learn from him? 

This work, I would like you to email to me once you have completed it as we are wanting to create a lovely display in school. This can be an eye-catching poster with pop up flaps and photos, it could be a leaflet, it could be a collage. Wherever your ideas take you, make sure it is vibrant and you email me a copy. 

Have fun and I am looking forward to seeing what you create! 

Tuesday 30th June 

Today, you are completing a reading comprehension and then completing a fact file all about Nelson Mandela. This will help you tomorrow when you will be using this research to create a poster. More details on that tomorrow!

Week beginning: Monday 29th June 

Select from the choice of 100 word challenges on the Powerpoint- see which one inspires you and get your creative writing skills going. You may even feel like doing more than one! See where you writing takes you!

Week beginning 29th June WARM UPS

Monday 29th June 

Today you are completing session two of your English & PSHCE. You are completing slides 3-5 of the workbook.

Spelling Crosswords Tuesday 23rd June - Thursday 25th June

Monday 15th June 

So this week we are going to get creative again and you are going to use all the skills we have recapped to create your own descriptive piece of writing. This Powerpoint has all your lessons for the week so follow it on full screen as you would in school. You have the video clip below along with the planning template for Wednesday's lesson. You need to prove you can use the following: 

-ambitious vocabulary 

-complex sentences: 6 ways to start a sentence such as ing/ly, ed power of 3, WABBITS openers

-use 2 pair sentences

-3 bad dash

-use figurative language to describe the setting/atmosphere

-describe characters' body language 

-vary your punctuation

-generate suspense- don't reveal all in the first two paragraphs! 

-use expanded noun phrases/prepositional phrases

-accurate use of any dialogue you choose to use


You can type your work if you prefer! 

Take each lesson day by day as it is broken down across the week on the ppt. Any questions- just email. 

Enjoy! I'm looking forward to seeing some spectacular pieces of writing!!

Dream Giver ♥

Tyler Carter A regular night of dream delivering turns into a literal nightmare when an orphan's book of Ancient Aztec Mythology comes alive. The Dream Giver...

Monday 8th June

Last week, we had a big focus on our reading skills. This week, we are reminding ourselves of some grammar skills to help us get back into the flow of our writing next week when we are back in school. So this week we have grammar revision (but it fun ways) and the end result will be putting it all together to write a super piece of writing for Friday. The areas we will cover are: prepositional phrases, subordinating conjunctions, active and passive voice and expanded noun phrases. 

The Powerpoint for this week has all this week's lessons on it and even includes little warm up activities relating to spelling and reading before you start each lesson. 

Below there are also the warm ups to do on Tuesday and Wednesday morning like you would in school at the start of the day. Just select your star level once you have opened up the document. 

Friday 5th June 

Today we are practising our spellings relating to the 'tricky' words, words that don't necessarily follow a pattern as well as finalising what we know about double consonants. Complete pages 8-10 of the Year 5 and 6 handwriting practise sheets and first of all practise your handwriting. Then complete the two cross word sheets. You are all very good and getting creative with your spellings- so today... produce in your own format a presentation of some sort that shows how you learn these spellings. It could be a 'Powerpoint', a poster, a picture etc- you choose! Post your creative pieces on our blog and have fun. 

Thursday 4th June 

Today you are going to have your final lesson this week on a reading focus. This lesson you will learn about giving your opinion and summarising information. Click on the link and foolow the instructions and activities. 

Wednesday 3rd June 

Today, you need to complete pages 1 and 2 of the spelling and handwriting activity. Some of us are a little rusty with our handwriting and spellings and we all need to remind ourselves of Year 6 presentation as well as spellings. So get stuck in and warm those hands up- get them used to writing properly again. 

Once you have completed this, select a 100 word challenge on the ppt. Then, when your minds are all warmed up, get stuck into the reading lesson which is based on the novel: Skellig by David Almond. 


Tuesday 2nd June 

Today, we are going to start with a grammar warm up using our 'grammar mats'. Select the level you want for the mat on the pdf: 1 star, 2 star or 3 stars. Answers are included but make sure you do not peak until you have finished! 

Then we are continuing our reading focus. Today you are going to investigate a text, compare extracts and write from a character's perspective. Click on the link below and follow the instructions and activities set. 

Monday 1st June 

Welcome back Year 6! I would really love to hear what you are reading at the moment! So, today I am giving you the opportunity to tell me all about your book! Produce your own book review for me to read. You may want to decide yourself how you set our your book review this time: whether you type it, create a Powerpoint, or write a summary- you can choose. I will attach the templates you used last time in case you would like to use these again. Once you have finished, either email me your work or post onto our blog so that other's can see too! I would love to update our Year 6 'Wall Of Stars' so if you would like to - also send a photo of you with your book! Have fun, I'm excited to read what you have produced. 

Friday 22nd May 

Today is your final lesson on newspaper report writing. To warm up, have a look at the spelling activities below. Then click on the link. I'm looking forward to see what you all produce. Thank you to the children who have been updating me this work with their writing. It is lovely to see how you are all getting on!

Thursday 21st May
This morning, you are completing a Grammar Hammer and then continuing your work on newspaper articles. Visit the link for your lesson. 

Wednesday 20th May 

Today, start with a writing task to get your creative juices flowing! Your challenge is to either write a short story in just 100 words exactly or describe the image in just 100 words exactly. It's not as easy as you may think! Then open the link to lesson 3 to continue your work on newspaper articles.  

Wednesday 20th May warm up

Tuesday 19th May 

Today, you are continuing this week;s unit: Newspaper articles. You are completing Lesson 2 via the link below. Some children have sent me examples of attempts they have done and been inspired by from yesterday relating to different issues- even the current issue of: coronavirus. Please send me any work you do that inspires you- I always love to see what you are up too. Or share on our blog! 

Monday 18th May 

To prepare you for your writing unit after half term, this week your are going to practise and revise all you know about newspaper articles. Click on the link below to commence lesson 1. 

Friday 15th May 

Today you are focusing on figurative language and the impact it can have on your audience.

See the link below for your lesson. 

Thursday 14th May 

Today you are exploring features to use and develop when describing settings. 

Wednesday 13th May 

Today, continue lesson 2 on your setting description writing. Your SPAG quiz can be found below to begin with. 

Tuesday 12th May 

This week, you are going to follow a sequence of lessons all relating to descriptive writing for settings! You have had practise of this last week. Follow the lessons online via the video tutor and complete the tasks set. The rest of this week, we will build on what we know and remember about how to write gripping and engaging description for our audience. 

Wednesday 6th May 

Today we are going to gather some background knowledge on VE day. As some of you may already know and already be planning how to celebrate with your families on Friday this week (our Bank Holiday), today we are going to learn about what happened on VE day 75 years ago! 

So read the powerpoint attached and the reading comprehension. You need to scroll down to pages 14-19 for the correct reading comprehension and answer the questions. 

Tuesday 5th May


Use the preparation you did yesterday to write a descriptive passage that describes the setting. Can you use your suspense writing skills to also build in some tension and leave your piece of writing on a cliff hangar... making your reader wonder what has really happened and what will happen next?

Tuesday 5th May

Friday 1st May! 

Today is a spelling focus where you have some fun spelling activities to complete below. Once you have completed these, use the Y5 & 6 Spelling Passport word list to create your own spelling poster- revising the words you feel less confident with. Don't forget to email me your work or post on our blog! Have fun!

Wednesday 22nd April Grammar warm up

Tuesday 21st April

See the powerpoint below that contains your English lesson today. On the powerpoint, you will find some prompts, a story starter and a planning template you can either print or copy out. Have fun Year 6. I'm excited to see where your creativity takes you!!

Tuesday 21.04.20 activity

Monday 20th April

Below are templates for you to write your own book reviews. A little reminder that with all this time we have at home- it is a fantastic opportunity to get stuck into reading a good book. So whatever book you are reading at the moment, take the time today to write your own book book review as though you were going to be presenting your book in our book recommending weekly slot- how can you persuade your audience to read your book? Take a photo of you with your book and ask your parents to email them to me and we can share all our great books we are reading at the moment online! Happy reading!wink

P.S. I have added the activities on the Microsoft Word version too in case you would rather type your book reviews!

Thursday 2nd April & Friday 3rd April

Wednesday 1st April Writing Task

Friday 27th March Writing Task:

Writing activities