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The Beatles Music Video Call!

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Hello Year 4!


Don't forget to send in your video clips of you playing your instrument or whatever you wish to use. You need to send them into either me or Miss Samuel by this coming Friday (22nd May) so you can be added to the video.


Do join in, it's going to be great fun! laugh yes

All You Need Is Love

Friday 15th May


Hello Year 4,

Here is an update on this fantastistic joint project (collaboration) with other pupils from St. Philips. I am including a sheet with the notes on for you to practise on your instruments. Miss Samuel will provide a little tutorial if you feel you need that too but I'm confident in your abilities.


You can just mime playing your instrument if you are a little worried about any squeaks or wrong notes, and that can be recorded and added to the video and look great! laugh


Do join in and send me or Miss Samuel your video clips. Remember, we are not asking for the whole song yes

Music for Wider Opps 'All You Need Is Love'

Thursday 14th May

Miss Samuel and Year 1 have got an exciting music project happening from now until half term, and have asked if other year groups would like to join in too!


This is what they are doing:


"Over the next two weeks (until half term), I would like you to experiment with making different sounds. You may want to make your own instruments, you may have your own musical instruments that you could play, or you might want to use a variety of household objects that could be turned into instruments for the purpose of this task.


Once you have spent time experimenting, I would like you to play along to The Beatles 'All You Need is Love' track and ask someone to record/video you doing this.


If you can email these to me [or your class teacher], I will create a "Mash-up" of all of the work. It does not need to be the whole song. The most important thing is that you have FUN making musicsmiley" - Miss Samuel


All You Need Is Love (Remastered 2009)

This links well with our Science topic of 'Sound', and it would be lovely to see and hear some of you jamming along to The Beatles! 


Send your videos to Miss Byrne and/or Mrs Afford and we will pass them on to Miss Samuel for her video! Enjoy making music!