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Thursday 16th July

Good afternoon everyone smiley

We have completed our Y4 units from 1Decision but you can still log on to the website and have a look at the earlier units from before we had this lovely new scheme.

Simply follow the directions and select a unit of your choice.

1) Log in to 1Decision

username   stphilipsprimary

password   stphilipsps6ss

2) Select Primary Resources (8-11) then click on - An early unit

3) Choose  - 

4) Work through the  PowerPoint 

5) Have a go at some of the activities - choice which one you want to do.

6) Don't forget to watch the video

Have fun  laugh

Thursday 9th July

Good afternoon everyone smiley

Today we are going to look at our One Decision topic - The Working World

Here are the instructions for you to find the correct video clip to watch:

1 Decision - Let's have some Darlee time!

A World Without Judgement

1) Log in to 1Decision

username   stphilipsprimary

password   stphilipsps6ss

2) Select Primary Resources (8-11) then click on - A World Without Judgement

3) Choose  -  Breaking down Barriers

4) Work through the  PowerPoint 

5) Have a go at some of the activities - How Are We All different?

                                                               - A World Without Judgement

6) Don't forget to watch the video

Have fun laugh

Thursday 2nd July

Hello Year 4! laugh

Today we are going to look at our One Decision topic - The Working World

Here are the instructions for you to find the correct video clip to watch:

1 Decision - Let's have some Deedee time!

Money Matters

1) Log in to 1Decision

username   stphilipsprimary

password   stphilipsps6ss

2) Select Primary Resources (8-11) then click on - The Working World

3) Choose  - Chores At Home 

4) Work through the  PowerPoint 

5) Have a go at some of the activities (3 are listed below)

5) Don't forget to watch the video

Have fun wink


Thursday 2nd July

Good afternoon everyone laugh

Today we are carrying on with our topic of responsibility.

There are so many ways you can be responsible, even at a young age.

This week, our focus is on being responsible for others - looking out for them, keeping them safe, making them happy, giving them a kind word or a smile or being a friend to them.

You can look after others by doing any of these positive things. 


Looking out for others involves;

  • recognising when we should take action when someone is being unkind
  • understand why it is important to behave in a caring and considerate manner
  • understand why it is important to behave in an appropriate and  responsible way
  • identify how making some choices can impact on others in a negative way


We need to think about how we can help others and are our actions kind and considerate?

Look at the activity sheet 'How Can We Help Others?

Fill in the shapes with your own ideas. Use coloured pens or pencils to make it bright and cheerful. This is a positive thing to do and reflect upon.

Now watch the video clip.

Think carefully about the way the girls are behaving. 

You will need to make a decision as to whether you think A or B was the best decision to make.

Remember all actions and choices have an outcome, may ot be good or bad.


How do you think Enya was feeling in this video?

How do you think Amy was feeling in this video?


Do you think they were feeling the same emotions as each other?


Did you make the decision that was best for everyone? Decision B


Now complete the Dear Darlee Activity  - giving advice to someone who has written to Darlee about bullying. 

or the Looking Out For Others Activity - place the number of each statement on a continuum line to show whether is is caring or not.



Thursday 25th June

Good morning everyone!


Today we are going to be looking at responsibility.


What does responsibility mean to you? Have a think. Perhaps something you are in charge of? Something you need to remember? Something only you can do? Something that needs to be done to keep you safe and healthy?


As you get older, you will get more responsibilities. You are responsible for more now than you were when you were a baby for example! You might look after a pet, or keep your room clean and tidy, help with chores around the house, keep yourself clean, and more!

Have a look at these situation cards. What would you do in each situation? What would be the most responsible action? What would you advise a friend to do?
Now think about what responsibilities you have in your everyday life. They could be anything from remembering to brush your teeth to helping look after a baby brother or sister! Write down all of your responsibilities on this 'responsibility tree' to see just how responsible you are!

Thursday 18th June

Hello Year 4!


Today we will be finishing off our topic of 'Feelings and Emotions'. 


Last week you thought of some suggestions on how to deal with jealousy, and Darlee gave you some ideas on the lesson powerpoint as well.


Your task today is to be an advice giver to three children who are experiencing jealousy in their lives for various reasons. What would you suggest to help them feel better?

You can look back on the lesson slideshow using the 1Decision website (guide below) if you are a bit stuck. 


It is up to you how you give your advice - maybe you would like to film a vlog-style video? Or write a letter to them? Or create a poster or postcard? I have attached a word document with a mind map started for you if you would like to do it that way. It is entirely your choice!


Have fun giving advice!

Thursday 11th June

Good morning everyone!


Today we are going to carry on with our topic of Feelings and Emotions, specifically talking about jealousy.


Jealousy isn't a nice emotion to feel - I wonder if you have ever felt jealous of someone else? Maybe you wanted the new trainers your friend got for their birthday, or perhaps felt left out by a friend?


Feeling left out is what Darlee is looking at in the 1Decision presentation today, and your task is to help her write an advice letter about how to deal with jealous feelings.


You can use the 1Decision guide to find the presentation and you can find the worksheet you need below.

Thursday 4th June

Welcome back to a brand new unit in PSHE that links in with what we were doing just before half term on Mental Health Awareness Week - Feelings and Emotions.


Please use the guide to find the powerpoint and video for today's lesson on the 1Decision website.

These are the worksheets you will need. We are working up to slide 17 on the 1Decision presentation.

Take your time exploring your feelings this week.


Remember: no feeling is bad or wrong, although it is important to think before we act if we are feeling a strong feeling.

Sometimes our feelings might make us want to behave in a way that isn't helpful, but talking through how you feel with an adult can really help if you feel sad or worried. 

Thursday 21st May


Good morning Year 4!


I hope you have all had the chance to have a look at some of the resources on the main Homework page about Mental Health Awareness Week. 


Looking after our mind health is just as important as looking after our body health, but sometimes it can be tricky to know where to start!


Here are some of my favourite activities to get your mind feeling healthy and happy.

Kindness Matters - Mental Health Foundation - Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Perhaps you could either use this sheet or make your own version about how you can keep both your own and other people's buckets full! 


This is my version:

I hope you all have a lovely half term Year 4, and I hope you fill your days with as much kindness for yourselves and others as you can. smiley 


Take care,


Miss Byrne xx

Thursday 14th May

Good morning Year 4!


Today we are going to do something a bit different for our PSHE lesson! We are going to create a Coping Skills Tool Box! (Yours could be imaginary, or on paper, or on the computer, or you could actually make one if you have a spare box nearby!)


A Coping Skills Tool Box is a special box just for you to help you if you are feeling sad, anxious, frustrated or any other overwhelming emotion. 


You can put anything you like into your box, but the idea is it will help you to calm down and feel better

I don't have a box at home, so I've just done mine on the computer! Can you tell what each picture is?

Thursday 7th May

We are going to take a break one 1 Decision this week for a special PSHE session on Keeping Yourself Safe.

A Message from Mrs Edward

"All children should feel safe. 

It is normal to feel a little bit of worry, to be a little bit sad or a little bit anxious from time to time but if there is something that is on your mind a lot, is making you feel upset or something is happening to you that you don't like or someone is hurting you we can help you.  

Talk to someone you trust - at home or at school or you can phone Childline.

I have put the poster that we have in school here to remind you of the number.  

Remember our CEOP button on line too - you can report anything that worries you online too.

Stay safe and if you need to speak out. 


From Mrs Edward."

Childline 08001111

There are lots of things going on in our lives at the moment, so if you have a big worry remember you can still talk to adults you trust - at home or at school. 


If you do have worries, that is normal and ok. All feelings are ok. Everyone feels sad or scared sometimes, and it is not wrong to feel this way. There are things you can do to help though, and here are some ideas below. 



This is one of my favourite games called Wall of Expression. You pick a wall and write all of your worries, thoughts and feelings on there - then you can knock it all down! Give it a try, see how you feel afterwards. smiley There are other games on the website that you may like too.

Thursday 30th April

This week we will be continuing on 1Decision with our unit on Growing and Changing. 


You will be learning how to tell whether someone touching you is appropriate (like a family member giving you a hug) or inappropriate (like a friend hurting you on the playground.) You will also be thinking about who you can tell if someone does touch you in an inappropriate way.


Like last week, ask an adult to help you set up the resources from the website as it is a bit tricky!

You may want to fill in these sheets, or perhaps just discuss your answers with an adult.

Thursday 23rd April

Welcome back to PSHE online! This week we will be moving on to the next unit on 1Decision: Growing and Changing.


The unit for Year 4 focuses on what relationships we have in our lives and how some are closer than others (for example your relationships with your families are closer than the lady working in the shop down the road!) and how our relationships can change as we get older.


It also covers what sort of touch is appropriate for different relationships, for example giving a friend a hug can be OK, but hitting them isn't. Your adult may want to read through the lesson information before starting your lesson, as there are some big questions that they might want to spend some time thinking about first before you discuss them together.


The 1Decision website is a bit tricky to understand, so ask an adult to help you to find the resources you need for this lesson. There is a guide below to help.

The powerpoint and video are on the 1Decision website, but you can find the paper resources both there and below.
Take your time discussing with an adult and most of all have fun!

Thursday 2nd April

This week we will be continuing with our unit on the 1 Decision website!

Please use the guide from last week to help you find your work. We will be working up to slide 31.


Your tasks this week involve research the main food groups. You may find the links below useful.


Have fun!

Food groups, nutrients and eating a balanced diet | Primary Science - Live Lessons

Thursday 26th March

Your work for today is on the 1Decision website.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find your work!


We will be working up to slide 25 this week. Enjoy!