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Year 2 children leading class worship.

Amber getting ready for a walk in the rain.

Fiona thinks wellingtons would be a good idea.

Josh and Emily smiling about a rainy day.

Why do you think all these children are smiling at the thought of a wet day?
It is because without water nothing could live. We celebrated God's gift of water to keep our planet beautiful.

Zoe, Tabassum, Alfie and Libby demonstrating the importance of Honesty. Who threw the stone?

Bert, Eliza, Ruby and Tom, leading class worship on having respect for the beautiful world God created.
They re-enacted a story from the Bible, wrote and delivered their own prayers. Then they  shared what the story meant to them with the rest of the class.

Maggie, Fiona and Ella chose Noah's Ark to demonstrate their focus for our class assembly. they chose this because it shows Noah having Trust in the word of God. It also shows the importance of having Respect for God's animals.