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We strive to ensure that every member of our school community is able to flourish in a climate of friendship, forgiveness and reconciliation.  We work hard as a Christian community to maintain our excellent reputation and we are thankful to God for the many wonderful individuals who live their lives in the way that God wants them to.

We believe in behaviour support.  We go the extra mile to love and look after each individual in our school family, however complex their needs. 

Our policies have been  written in the spirit of John 10;10 - Life in all it's fullness.  Life in all it's fullness includes the highs and lows of being human! 


The School Council takes the behaviour of it's children very seriously. look out for our behaviour buddies! You can't miss them in their high vis.  Please see the images below for their own School Behaviour Guide.


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Christ in Everything we do
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Happy and Safe at Lunchtimes
The School Council's Behaviour Guide
Everyone is Special
What is ASAP?
Our Special Buddies

St Philip's Standards

We do not tolerate bullying.. our children hear regularly from agencies such as Bully Busters and the NSPCC about what bullying is and how to prevent it. We made posters to go around school to raise awareness.

The winning poster.