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Our end of year talent contest featured musicians, singers, dancers, jugglers and even a couple of builders this month! Thank you to all who were able to share their skills with us; and especially Adam our press photographer and Jamie for being our audio technician. Our stage hands Joel and Ignacy were also brilliant at setting everything up for our amazing performers! What a great class we are when we work together!

Y4 had some extra special visitors in June of the furry and scaly kind! The children were really engaged in learning how different animals are adapted to survive in their natural habitats. I wonder if the next David Attenborough is among them?

Year 4 had a lovely surprise when the children from Birkdale High School came with their exotic animals to reinforce adaptation and food chains in Science.

Year 4 visited Year 2 to hear some of their "Owl and the Pussycat" poetry as we had also been learning about Edward Lear while writing limericks. We shared our stories about Beowulf with them too- and they really liked the gory bits!

Enjoying the sunshine!

The Summer term has begun in earnest, with all of Year 4 keen to do well and be "Year 5 ready "in July. Here we are hard at work on our adventure stories.

Hope all our parents and friends enjoyed Mothers' Day! Here are some of the photos from our "card workshop" where are super skills in cutting, gluing, handwriting and dexterity were used to the full. We also developed our knowledge further about the colour wheel and managed to squeeze in some chromotography, thanks to our probationary teacher Mr Becker.

Kingfisher Education came to speak to the children at the end of January about the Water Cycle; and show how essential water is. The children also learned how to save water and how it is recycled. They also found out how scarce water is in other countries; and what happens to our own water supply after we have used it. Did you know that the water we use today is the same water that was around at the time of the dinosaurs?

The new year saw Year 4 enjoying some wintry weather with snow, sleet, hail and ice all within the same day!

We all enjoyed making our Christingles and Christmas cards

Our studies on the theme of "Light" produced some wonderful reflections and poems. The children found the candlelight very calming.

We have really enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks this half term. There were some great finds in the artifacts loan from Lancashire.

Our children always enjoy not having to wear school uniform so "Children in Need" was a great excuse for a pyjama day!!

Year 4's commemoration of the centenary of the first Armistice Day in 1918 culminated in our whole class worship and a special visit to an exhibition of reflection. We were also very honoured to be visited by a veteran of more recent conflicts who spoke to the class about some of the work he did while serving in the armed forces. The children were fascinated to hear how you could make a cup of tea in the confined spaces of a tank!

On Tuesday 30th October we were invited to PPW to take part in a focused prayer session in which we could face our fears, knowing that God would give us the courage and resilience to overcome them. Our strength would be like acorns growing into huge oak trees if we could trust God and follow His advice. At the end of the session the children were presented with acorns to remind them of their day.

On Thursday 11th October Year 4 had a special visitor to encourage us to keep cycling so we can protect the environment and keep fit. She even brought her puncture kit with her so we could learn how to properly maintain our bikes. Here's some of us in action-thanks to Kai and his great photography!

Parlez-vous francais? "Meeting and Greeting" just got a whole lot more European!

Concentrating hard to learn how to multiply using formal methods

Here are our budding authors getting to grips with characterisation