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The Poets of Year 4 (24-1-14)

Over the last two weeks, Year 4 have been writing a variety of poems in their English lessons. As a taster, we thought you might like to see our class poem 'Mysteries' - 


Mysteries by Year 4

Why do cats have to sit on mats?

Why do clowns wear stupid hats?

Why do tigers not care what they eat?

Why do babies wet the sheet?


Why do people have different hair?

Why do horses easily scare?

Why is water quite so wet?

Why can't I order a takeaway yet?


Why do dog's have to bark?

Why is my sister scared of the dark?

Why did the dinosaurs die out?

Why did my mum give me a clout?


Why do people have lots of freckles?

Why does water boil in kettles?

Why do ogres have hairy toes?

Why do liars have a big nose?


Why do birds build nests in trees?

Why does my sister hide the keys?

Why do birds not eat pies?

Why do people have to tell lies?


Why do people have to steal?

Why does Dad laugh like a seal?

Why is the sky coloured blue?

Why does one and one make two?


Why do squirrels live in trees?

Why does my brother have knobbly knees?

Why do the questions never stop?

Is it too late for a teacher job swap?!


(Based with thanks on 'Mysteries' by Pie Corbett)