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Music (Fri)

Friday 10th July

Hello everyone smiley

Did you enjoy learning Loki's song? I loved the rhythm of the words in the chorus.

As the video and the pamphlet contain a number of different songs, I would like you to choose a different one for this week and have a go at it. 

The video on the same link as last week contains all of the songs so just fast forward to find one you really like.

All the lyrics for each of the songs are in the same pamphlet I posted last week.


Have fun wink

Friday 3rd July

Hello Y4 wink

I do hope you are enjoying playing your instruments.

Las ]t weeks video clip was really useful to help you understand the importance of 'dynamics' when playing a piece of music, whether palying solo or with others. It helps you to interpret the music.


As we are finishing our Viking saga topic, I thought it would be fun to learn some songs based around the characters in the sagas.

Friday 26th June

Hello everyone,

I do hope you are continuing to practise your instruments each week. When you do it and for how long is completely up to you.

You were given the Sefton Wider Opps website so you can continue with your learning; new notes and new pieces of music.

However, I wanted to share some information with you regarding other aspects of music and playing an instrument. 

Dynamics are very important in music. This is when the musician plays their instrument quietly or loudly - the changes this creates to the piece of music.

Click on the link below to find out all about 'dynamics'.

Friday 15th May


Hello Year 4,


Here is an update on this fantastistic joint project (collaboration) with other pupils from St. Philips. I am including a sheet with the notes on for you to practise on your instruments. Miss Samuel will provide a little tutorial if you feel you need that too but I'm confident in your abilities.


You can just mime playing your instrument if you are a little worried about any squeaks or wrong notes, and that can be recorded and added to the video and look great! 


Do join in and send me or Miss Samuel your video clips. Remember, we are not asking for the whole song

Y4 Music For 'All You Need Is Love'