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Be Free Day

Year 2 Stay and Play

Tri-Golf fun!!

Today, we have been thinking about our good friend Sanvi, who sent us some photos and a delicious cake to share.  We all miss her very much and have enjoyed finding out her news.

Non-chronological reports

National Number day

We have new jobs, we are weather reporters down under!

We imagined we were visiting a coral reef and wrote about what we could see!

First 2 week of home learning

Santa Dash

The Gunpowder Plot

Firework Art - Stencils and Chalk

Merseyside Daily Mile

Fitness Fun!

Great Fire of London game and coding!

Hot Seating Boxton the rat - Great Fire of London

We went back in time to create a timeline of historical events!

We love making alien words!!

WOW! The star dome was amazing!

I have been amazed by Year 2's patience and perseverance in order to create their Aboriginal paintings.

World Book Day.

I feel sure that Neil Armstrong would have felt honoured to travel in any one of these amazing rockets. Thank you parents for coming in to work alongside your children.

Wow! Year 2 were super brave today when climbing on the apperatus.

Gymnastics - this week the children worked on balances

More gymnastics fun.

Gymnastics fun. We were so lucky to have had Miss Parkinson, from Beth Tweddle Gymnastics, to teach us today. We had a great first session and are looking forward to the next five weeks.

St Philips really does have talent. Well done Eleanor and Bethany.

Party day.

Lights, camel, action!! Year 2 - you were amazing.

Christmas dinner

All the fun of the Christmas fair.

Class worship - compassion. Thank you to the 6 children who lead our worship with such confidence. You were amazing

Odd Sock day

Remembrance Journey

Stay and Read

Enterprise week - finger knitting snakes

What a mystery! We had to follow the clues all around the playground until, finally. we dug up some mysterious treasure.

Then things became even more mysterious. When we got back to the classroom, a time machine, a diary from 1666 and an old map of London had appeared. The children worked really hard to puzzle out why all these things were in their room. ?

We opened the parcel and found a dusty old bottle of wine and some smelly Parmesan cheese. We wondered why?

Our final discovery helped us to work out what was happening. We read the story and all became clear. Ask your children about the wine and the cheese - who buried them and why?

The Great Fire of London started in a bakery. We really enjoyed making bread, just like Thomas Farriner, but we enjoyed eating our rolls even more!