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Be Free - Thank you for your generosity.

We have a class of gymnasts - they are amazing.

Finding a half - and eating a half!!!

Look who came to visit us!!! It was Paul McCartney!!!!

Year 1 2020 -21 

Beatlemania hits St Philips!!!

NSPCC Number Day - we had fun outside completing a number problem scavenger hunt.

Gymnastics with our Beth Tweddle coach.

Red Nose Day - Thank you for all your donations

Lockdown art ---London Landmarks

Year 1's art work over the last few weeks has blown me away. The leaves use very different skills but both styles are equally beautiful. What a creative class.

Thank you so much for your generosity for children in need.

The children looked very cosy in their pjs

We took our bucketful of dinosaurs on an adventure then wrote a story about all the fun we had.

We are history detectives. We examined the dinosaur teeth and dinosaur poo to see what we could discover about the dinosaurs.

We made fossils, just like the ones found by Mary Anning.

9.9.20 We are are creators - just like in the Bible story of the Creation, god created the world.

Year 1 2019 - 20 

Science Day 12th March 2020

World Book Day 2020

Jesus was special

In our RE lessons we have been exploring and reflecting on what the word 'special' means.

We have been thinking about the people who are special to us and then we talked about the things that make those people special. Many children chose special friends, family members and adults in school who are special to them.

We have talked about how Jesus had special friends who he invited to follow him. These special people are called 'disciples'. We learned that we can all be Jesus' disciples if we choose to follow Him.


To help us to learn more about the things that make Jesus so special, we have spent time listening to some of the miracles that Jesus performed, which are found in the Bible.


The first story we heard was when Jesus called his disciples to follow him. Below are pictures of the activities we have done surrounding this story.

  • Retold the story using drama.
  • Painted and cut out fish for our display. 
  • Used collage, chalk and a variety of materials to make the backdrop for our display.

We also thought about the 'Big question', would we stay? Or would we go and leave everything behind (like the fishermen did), to follow Jesus? Many children said "they would stay because they would miss their family and friends". Other children said, "they would go because they trust that Jesus would keep them safe".


BBC Children in Need 2019

Pyjama Day

This year, everybody at St Philip's came to school in their pyjamas to raise money for 'Children in Need'. We spent time thinking about and praying for other children who are less fortunate than ourselves. We had fun learning about some of the charities that Children in Need help and we even did some yoga with Pudsey in class. It was very exciting when Pudsey visited during assembly. We made masks when we got back to class, so that we could all have fun looking like Pudsey and to help us to remember his visit.

Cinema Trip

Year 1 children and staff enjoyed a fantastic trip to the cinema to watch Dora and The Lost City of Gold on Monday 11th November. We left school promptly after registration to start our long walk down to Ocean Plaza. It was very windy! All of the children had exceptional behaviour both travelling to and from the cinema and throughout the duration of the film. The trip was free of charge as the screening was part of the ‘into film’ initiative, open to schools.