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Summer term

Using ICT to show off our English skills...using Purple Mash to make persuasive leaflets for the PGL trip we went on.

Moving Up! This afternoon, we discussed moving up to high school!

Ancient Maya Day

We made headdresses and masks

We played an escape room game to unlock clues and help us research

The Maya

We wrote to analyse: Were the Ancient Maya really so different from us? OR

The reason the Ancient Maya ended was mainly due to war.

We examined Maya artefacts

We ate Mexican food!

We took up the challenge of an Ancient Maya Escape Room!

Playing pokotok and building pyramids

The wonderful headdresses and masks

Maya headdress or mask task homework document

Sports Day

Chinese Day May 18th 2018

We had a fabulous day working with Chinese teachers from The Confucius Institute (Edge Hill University).

We learned some words and phrases in Mandarin and got to try paper cutting, lantern making, calligraphy and counting in Mandarin.

SATs are over!

See below for photos of our trip to King's Garden today.


Our wreath for the Labour Corps of World War One is now on show in London!

Of course we are preparing for SATs but there are other things going on too!


What's in a name? We've been talking about names for God and what they tell us about him. We talked about our own names and why our parents gave us them. We've been thinking about what God might look like and what makes God happy or sad. 


Fierce Earth...last week we learned about earthquakes and this week we learned about volcanoes. We enjoy watching these BBC videos which tell us about the causes and consequences of these natural disasters...and how to survive them.



Amelia told us about her dad serving in the army before  she was born.

Leonie brought in a newspaper article about a woman who gives her time to look after squirrels.

Katie had found Bible quotes about service.

Tom and Chloe brought in t shirts they had from fund raising.

Eve and Chloe ran a fund raiser for a cancer charity among staff.


We've been learning about figures from the past who have served God and made an impact on the way we live. Florence Nightingale changed nursing and hospitals forever. William Wilberforce campaigned to make the slave trade illegal. Martin Luther King worked to make America more equal for black people. His final words in public 50 years ago were 'Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming  of the Lord'.


 Our second remembrance wreath is now on show in the classroom. The multi coloured flowers on it represent all the countries and different people who have served to protect our freedoms and values. 


We've had letters about the events planned for after SATs and we've got our kit lists for the Winmarleigh Residential trip.


We are looking forward to a trip to King's Garden on the afternoon of May 17th

There is Chinese Day on May 18th

June 5th is Faith in Action Day

June 19th is Maya (History) Day


There will also be Sports Day and Moving up to High School Day and a trip to Liverpool Anglican Cathedral for a service for leavers in the area.