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Photographs and Displays

Year 6 - Kensuke's Kingdom

Year 6 - Mayan Headdresses

Year 3 - Baking

Reception - Creating with Materials

Year 2 - Boomerangs

Year 4 - Christingles

We first watched some videos introducing the class to the concept of the service and praise. This we a great start to see them being made by someone else and also good information to know that the design has always been the same so we couldn’t alter it and make it our own way. 

We then made A1 posters with the background information and thought about the steps of the making process. This was a great way to sequence our planning, making and evaluation of our Christingles. It also meant that whilst we made our Christingles, we had instructions in front of us to look at if we were unsure of what to do. After our mini-Christingle service, in our groups, we came up with 3 things that went well and 3 things to take into consideration the next time we make something

Year 2 - Tudor Houses

This DT was fitting in with ‘The Great Fire of London’ theme making our own Tudor houses. They were designed a specific way to look like what the houses would at the time back in 1666. The process involved cutting, gluing and colouring and could collate them into a class street/village.

Year 4's Incredible Musical Instruments!

As part of their Science unit 'Sound' Year 4 planned, created and played their incredible musical instruments laugh! What a beautiful sound! 

Year 5's Marvellous Marquette!!

As a cross-curricular link with their History unit, in Art Year 5 designed and created fantastic Tudor Maquettes! Their structures are strong and sturdy and their choice of colour palette compliments the Tudor times. What fabulous Marquettes laugh