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Photographs and display

Year 2 are learning about colours and numbers

Y6 What is the matter?

Y6 were revising body parts and learning how to say what the matter is in French; eg. J'ai mal la tête.

Y5 Identifying pronouns

The children were learning how to refer to a member of their family using the correct pronoun; such as 'my sister' or 'her grandparents'.

Y4 Using a Bilingual dictionary

Y4 were learning how to use a bilingual dictionary effectively. They were looking up the french words, finding their meanings and checking to see what gender they are.

Y3 French body parts

The children have been learning the song, 'Head, shoulders, knees & toes' in French; (Tête, èpaules, genou et pieds) in French. They have also been learning how to write these words, but first they had to match the correct body part to its name.

Y2, recognising & matching the correct greetings in French

Y2 have been learning how to greet each other in French. They know how to say hello & how are you formally and informally.