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French Powerpoint - 19.01.21

French Powerpoint - 12.01.21

History - 5/1/21


Welcome back to your online learning!  smiley


Today we are going to start our new History topic of 'Ancient Civilisations'. While our focus in future lessons is going to be mostly on Ancient Egypt, it is important to realise that Egypt wasn't the only place with a flourishing civilisation in ancient times. There were many other civilisations around the world with some very clever people in them.

Your task today is to research at least 2 different ancient civilisations and compare them to see how people used to live. 


You can use this website to help you:

There is also some information on Purple Mash that you could use, or you could do your own further research if there is a particular civilisation that you are interested in!


You have a choice of how to record your research. I have given you 3 different ways here, you can choose which one you think will be best for you!

Have fun researching!


I am looking forward to seeing you all on Teams tomorrow! laugh


Miss Byrne xx

French 5/1/21


Our French topic this half term is going to be called 'That's Tasty!' 


In this unit, you will learn how to say some different foods and drinks, whether you like them or not, and say what they are stored in, e.g. 'I would like a glass of water' would be 'je voudrais un verre d'eau'.


Use the powerpoint to help you practice the pronunciation of some different drinks, and to practice your sentence to order a drink.


Your task: Use the menu and pretend you are in a cafe or restaurant in France to order a drink! (Maybe at some point in the future when we can go on holidays again this might end up being useful!)