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Tuesday 5th January -

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Welcome back to remote learning too...we are going to be using TEAMS for this - hopefully from tomorrow - there is already work there if you can access it. If not...use this for today.


Here is some Geography and French for you to do today


Geography is about deserts and how animals and plants survive there.


LO: To know more about another biome (deserts)

You are going to imagine you are visiting a desert and you want to encourage your friend/family to do the same – include the sights, sounds and smells of the desert. You will need to use the links below to be able to do this!


Good = You write a detailed paragraph that includes at least 5 key words/phrases


Very good = You also explain some of the adaptations of plants or animals and include more like 10 of the key words


Excellent = As above but you include how plants AND animals have adapted


Spag challenge = use some more advanced punctuation correctly e.g. parenthesis, colons, semi colons      Describe: detail      Some; others





Place with very low rainfall or precipitation


Where climate has led to specially adapted plant and animal life

barren or desolate or deserted

Little grows there…seems empty

The Sahara

A desert as big as Europe that is in the North of Africa (including Egypt)






Weather conditions over a long period of time


Moisture that falls from the sky…usually rain but also snow

extreme heat or cold

Very, very hot or cold


How hot or cold it is


The features of plants and animals that are specially designed for the extreme temperatures and lack of water

native species

Types of life that come from the biome


The conditions an animal lives in

sand dunes

Hills of  sand

oasis (plural  oases)

Where there is water in the desert


Can keep going as it is



sand dune safari

Using 4 by 4 vehicles to explore the dunes

sand surfing

Using a sand board (like a snow board)

camel trek

Riding camels

ancient ruins

Very old remains e.g. from Roman times


Looking up at the night sky to see stars much more clearly than in British towns

Types of plant = cactus (plural = cacti), thorny bushes, date palms,

Types of animal = dromedary camel, lizard, rattle snake, cobras, scorpion, vulture, scarab beetles, fennec fox…

French - see the  the link to the website for learning about how the French celebrate on January 6th.

Listen to the words that go with this and practise saying them out loud!


Please find below the weekly homework. Homework is handed out on a Friday and due in by the following Wednesday.


Thank you


Year 6 team 

British Values Homework Competition 


See below for the link explaining this

 2019-2020 Homework tasks

     Below are some photos of my relatives  who lived through

World War Two...

                         Find out more about them on the history page. 

School history page link is below this
Emme's PowerPoint about her great grandad is below here
Mrs Edward's Uncle John's memories of VE Day in Liverpool

On May 8th 1945, I was approaching my 6th birthday and at 3 o`clock, the prime minister announced  to the country on radio that the war in Europe was officially over. As it was a Tuesday my dad was at work,so I would think was my elder brother Arthur, I would imagine that I was at school, because in those days school didn`t finish until 4o¬clock. I  would not have heard Mr Churchill make the announcement.


The next day was the day that is engrained in my memory.


The hustle and bustle started as soon as we got up. Preparation started for the party of my short life. All the mums in the road started to make the food. I don’t know where it all came from but I remember my  mum making cakes and sandwiches. My dad was at home because it was I think declared a bank holiday. He started to tear down the blackout blinds which he had made in 1939 which were wooden frames which   

were fitted inside of the windows in order to stop any lights showing at night time, in case they could have been seen by the German bomber pilots who flew over - incidentally the house behind ours had the roof blown of by a German bomb. These frames were then thrown onto the biggest bonfire I have ever seen. It was in the middle of the road 

between two trees from which the bigger boys, including my brother, had strung a rope from which they had  strung two figures. They were not Guy Fawkes ,but effigies of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.   


The fuel for this fire came from every house in the street where the men were scrapping the seats from inside the air raid shelters, any trees and bushes had been left to grow in front of windows for extra protection. It really was a huge bonfire.


In the afternoon the party started. All the mums had brought out their tables and chairs and they were lined up not on the pavement but in the middle of the road. We had sandwiches, jelly and blancmange. We had cakes and home-made lemonade. I don’t think that there was any lemons in it though. We had races and games and an enjoyable day. By the time the children’s party was over, it was time for the  bonfire to be lit. It melted the surface of the road.


I think I can remember that someone brought out their piano but by then we children were sent to bed.


St Philip's Teachers - I'm Gonna Jump up and Down (Be Happy)

Wednesday 22nd April 

Hello Year 6 and happy Wednesday! 

Welldone to all those children who have logged in and completed their activities on Purplemash so far


Today for English you have (as well as your Purplemash activities) an online lesson set up for you that recaps one of our last grammar focuses: active and passive verbs. So visit the English page for the link and you will find various videos to tune in to as well as activities. I have also attached a grammar warm up quiz under today's task, which you will find again on the English page. 

Maths- visit our Maths page and click on lesson 3 as well as completing your next maths meeting. 

I have also attached an online ICT activity that you will find under the 'other subjects' page for this afternoon and you have your time capsule activity to also be getting on with. 

Have a lovely day.

Love, Mrs Warham laugh

From Ms Lund: Young Quills

Mrs Warham and I would like to put together a display using your reviews. If possible please email her a photo of yourself with the book or books you have reviewed. I can send the photo to Young Quills if you like so just put for Young Quills or for school display or both so I know!

Thank you!


Tuesday 21st April 

Happy Tuesday!! 

I hope you are settling well into the home learning studies again whilst also enjoying the lovely weather we have at the moment yes. Today we have a busy morning starting with your Grammar Hammer- carry on from your last one and remember to check your answers too. You also have a reading activity to do on Purplemash along with a spelling quiz. See the English page for your new and exciting writing task today- I hope you love it. It has been so lovely to see some of your book reviews so any writing you do, don't forget to email to me - I would love to see how you are getting on. See our Maths page for the next Maths meeting and lesson 2 activity. Purplemash also has revision tasks for you and I have included a Khan academy link to videos if you need any reminding of certain topics to help. 

See your History link page for activities this afternoon. Any more work you have done and you have not emailed me- both Mrs Lund and I would love to see your work so email away. Huge welldone to the fantastic volcanoes we have seen by Emme and Dianna!! yes If I can get the videos to work- I will post so you can view how fantastic they look-and they work too!! If you have been busy making a mask or volcano- let us know. 

Have a lovely day Year 6! 

Love, Mrs Warham laugh

From Ms Lund...

Young Quills book reviews: thanks for the great reviews so far from Dianna, Emme and Henry.

If you still have a book review to do...please send it by the end of this week so that I can pass it on for the competition. Thank you! 

I am loving the Maya masks...I can't wait to have them all on display in school when we are back together again. 

Please continue with your Maya project today. See the instructions under other subjects and history.






Monday 20th April

Welcome back Year 6!!

I hope you have all had a lovely,restful Easter break and not eaten too many Easter eggs! Although we are not in back to school just yet- we are up and running with all our activities for you allsmiley

Check out the Maths page for your Maths meeting this week and set activities- don't forget that Purplemash has set activities each day too and I'll be checking in to see how you are all getting on. See our English page for your daily updates too! English today, you have a book review to do.

Today- get started with your Maths key skills (it is Monday after all) and check over your work with the answers. See the RE page for your activity. Have a wonderful day and please get in touch if you need me. 

Missing you all, sending lots of love, 

Mrs Warhamlaugh

P.S. see the time capsule activity below- this is an ongoing activity you can carry out this week.

Friday 3rd April

Can you believe we are at the end of not just our second home learning week but also the last day of term?! I wish you all a wonderful Easter break at home with your families full of lots of fun together! 

Today will be the last post for a couple of weeks so make sure you enjoy your time off everybody! 

Your English task today is to finish your writing task you planned yesterday- see our English Daily Learning page again. 

Maths- you have your work set on our Daily Learning Maths page. 

There is also spelling quiz 2 for you to complete and Purplemash reading and spelling activities to finish. 

I have collaborated some fun ideas to start this afternoon and continue over the Easter holidays so visit the links below. 

Have a fabulous couple of weeks! 

Lots of love,

Mrs Warhamsmiley

PS: from Ms Lund....

Happy Easter!!!

You might like to have a go at the competition in the link below. It is about writing your very own story set in the past. Take a look at last year's winners to inspire you OR just write a fabulous story set in the past to send to me. Put into action all the features you've been learning about figurative language and varied sentences with some great Spag BUT mostly just enjoy doing it!!


Young Quills Book Reviews

Those of you who took the lovely books to read and review...

Please type these up and make them look great. Add pictures. Email them to us. 

Thursday 2nd April

Happy Thursday Year 6! 


Today, look on the English and Maths Daily learning page for your activities. English has both today's and tomorrow's as today you are planning and tomorrow you are writing. 

Check out Purplemash for all your set activities. 

Maths- your tasks are already uploaded ready for you and it is Thursday- so do Key Skills Check 3 again and get a personal best! 

See the Art and French page for inspiration and activities from Mrs Afford too. 

Have a lovely Thursday!

Love, Mrs Warhamlaugh

Wednesday 1st April

HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!! I hope you get up to lots of fun today- but remember April Fool's only lasts until 12pm!! 

Today, select a Grammar Hammer and Spelling Quiz 2 to get started. Purplemash also has activities for you to complete for Reading and Spelling. Some of you still need to complete SPAG.COM. **Virtual HIGH-FIVES** to all those fabulous Year 6's who have already logged in and completed- I know who you are yesyes

English- see our English Daily Learning page for today's task. 

Maths- find your next activity on the Daily Learning Maths page along with your Maths Meeting for each day. 

This afternoon, continue with your Maya project and masks. Also, visit our Science blog on Purplemash and add any videos/photos/images/text you have found out- let's get sharing Year 6! 

Have a great day!!

Love, Mrs Warhamwink

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Year 6!

Today- take a pick from one of your Grammar Hammers to start off your day. Then you have reading and spelling activities to complete on Purplemash as well as SPAG.COM work that needs finishing. 

Maths: head over to our Daily Learning Maths page where you will find work set each day this week. Answers are also included for you to check over with a parent. 

Mrs Lund has been busy and has created an exciting project for you to commence this afternoon so take a look under the History section!! This will be an ongoing project over several weeks and she has put on some instructions about what to do to start. 

I have already received fantastic images of children creating their Maya masks. Anymore- please email to me. Have a super Tuesday everyone! 

Love, Mrs Warhamlaugh


Monday 30th March

Good morning and happy Monday Year 6!! I hope you had a lovely, restful weekend. 

Today, we are going to put our writing skills to work and you are going to be a journalist writing your very own film reviews. I can't wait to read them- so ask your parents to email any photos of your work when you have finished. See all the instructions on our powerpoint as well as lots of WAGOLLS and templates on our English Daily Learning page. 

Maths: today, you are working in your Maths homework books. You are completing pages 45, 46 and page 42. Don't forget it is Monday, so you need to complete your Key Skills Check 3 today and get another personal best. 

Under 'RE' on our Daily Learning page, see the writing frames document. Select 3 to use to narrate the Easter story. You will also find here daily prayer spaces for you and your family to do at home.

I'm looking forward to adding more stars to our wall today so don't forget to ask for photos to be emailed. 

Have a lovely Monday! 

Lots of love, Mrs Warhamsmiley

On this page, you will find the homework set each week for your child. Spelling words are also included on the document as well as weekly updates of our topics covered. You will also find a short summary of what we will be covering in the following week. 


Homework will be given out each Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.

Spelling tests are every Friday.

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