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Year 6's Wall Of Stars!

Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 1 We have our first photo!! Well done Aston!!
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 2
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 3 Welldone Sam!! Working on his Maya Mask already!
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 4
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 5 Emme's fantastic mask is complete!
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 6
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 7 Henry has been busy and creative!! Fabulous work!!
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 8
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 9 Sam's finished mask! Fantastic!!
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 10
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 11 Aston's mask is also underway! Well done!!
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 12
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 13 Megan's fabulous mask too! Well done!!
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 14
Year 6's Wall Of Stars! 15 Harrison's fabulous mask is complete!!

Lots of parents have been in touch today sharing how hard you are all working! Go Year 6!! If you have a photo or picture, email it to me and you can join our wall of Year 6 stars smiley

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Friday 3rd April

Can you believe we are at the end of not just our second home learning week but also the last day of term?! I wish you all a wonderful Easter break at home with your families full of lots of fun together! 

Today will be the last post for a couple of weeks so make sure you enjoy your time off everybody! 

Your English task today is to finish your writing task you planned yesterday- see our English Daily Learning page again. 

Maths- you have your work set on our Daily Learning Maths page. 

There is also spelling quiz 2 for you to complete and Purplemash reading and spelling activities to finish. 

I have collaborated some fun ideas to start this afternoon and continue over the Easter holidays so visit the links below. 

Have a fabulous couple of weeks! 

Lots of love,

Mrs Warhamsmiley

PS: from Ms Lund....

Happy Easter!!!

You might like to have a go at the competition in the link below. It is about writing your very own story set in the past. Take a look at last year's winners to inspire you OR just write a fabulous story set in the past to send to me. Put into action all the features you've been learning about figurative language and varied sentences with some great Spag BUT mostly just enjoy doing it!!


Young Quills Book Reviews

Those of you who took the lovely books to read and review...

Please type these up and make them look great. Add pictures. Email them to us. 

Easter Mystery 2

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Thursday 2nd April

Happy Thursday Year 6! 


Today, look on the English and Maths Daily learning page for your activities. English has both today's and tomorrow's as today you are planning and tomorrow you are writing. 

Check out Purplemash for all your set activities. 

Maths- your tasks are already uploaded ready for you and it is Thursday- so do Key Skills Check 3 again and get a personal best! 

See the Art and French page for inspiration and activities from Mrs Afford too. 

Have a lovely Thursday!

Love, Mrs Warhamlaugh

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Wednesday 1st April

HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!! I hope you get up to lots of fun today- but remember April Fool's only lasts until 12pm!! 

Today, select a Grammar Hammer and Spelling Quiz 2 to get started. Purplemash also has activities for you to complete for Reading and Spelling. Some of you still need to complete SPAG.COM. **Virtual HIGH-FIVES** to all those fabulous Year 6's who have already logged in and completed- I know who you are yesyes

English- see our English Daily Learning page for today's task. 

Maths- find your next activity on the Daily Learning Maths page along with your Maths Meeting for each day. 

This afternoon, continue with your Maya project and masks. Also, visit our Science blog on Purplemash and add any videos/photos/images/text you have found out- let's get sharing Year 6! 

Have a great day!!

Love, Mrs Warhamwink

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Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Year 6!

Today- take a pick from one of your Grammar Hammers to start off your day. Then you have reading and spelling activities to complete on Purplemash as well as SPAG.COM work that needs finishing. 

Maths: head over to our Daily Learning Maths page where you will find work set each day this week. Answers are also included for you to check over with a parent. 

Mrs Lund has been busy and has created an exciting project for you to commence this afternoon so take a look under the History section!! This will be an ongoing project over several weeks and she has put on some instructions about what to do to start. 

I have already received fantastic images of children creating their Maya masks. Anymore- please email to me. Have a super Tuesday everyone! 

Love, Mrs Warhamlaugh


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Monday 30th March

Good morning and happy Monday Year 6!! I hope you had a lovely, restful weekend. 

Today, we are going to put our writing skills to work and you are going to be a journalist writing your very own film reviews. I can't wait to read them- so ask your parents to email any photos of your work when you have finished. See all the instructions on our powerpoint as well as lots of WAGOLLS and templates on our English Daily Learning page. 

Maths: today, you are working in your Maths homework books. You are completing pages 45, 46 and page 42. Don't forget it is Monday, so you need to complete your Key Skills Check 3 today and get another personal best. 

Under 'RE' on our Daily Learning page, see the writing frames document. Select 3 to use to narrate the Easter story. You will also find here daily prayer spaces for you and your family to do at home.

I'm looking forward to adding more stars to our wall today so don't forget to ask for photos to be emailed. 

Have a lovely Monday! 

Lots of love, Mrs Warhamsmiley

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Friday 27th March 

Happy Friday Year 6!! We have completed week 1 at home and I am immensely proud seeing and hearing all the school activities you are taking part in!! yesyes

Today- see our English and Maths Daily Learning page for your what tasks to complete.Here you will find your writing challenge, 'Grammar Hammer' (take your pick) and spelling quiz 1 as well as your Maths Meeting and Maths task.

This afternoon, finish your RE Easter poem work (on Purplemash) and complete your Science posters on a famous scientist. Don't forget to visit our Science blog and get blogging about what you have found out on Purplemash! If you want to get really creative, try out a periscope or even make a start on planning your Maya masks (see our class plan for links).

Have a lovely Friday and a have a wonderful weekend! 

Any more photos- don't forget to email to me and be on our wall of stars! wink

Lots of love, 

Mrs Warham smiley

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Thursday 26th March 

Happy Thursday Year 6! 

Wow! HUGE welldone to all the children in our class who have logged onto Purplemash and completed so many activities already! yes *Virtual High-fives* to you all!! If you have not already completed your Maths and Reading and Spelling activities this week, you have today and tomorrow. So today: get busy and stuck in with all your Reading, Spelling and Grammar activities on Purplemash. As well as this, you have Science tasks - some that expire after tomorrow, so make sure these are done. We now have a Science blog on Purplemash for you to upload ideas to- take a look!

Today, you need to complete key skills check 2, your second maths meeting on the ppt and your set maths task (all found under our Maths Daily Learning page). 

Any photos of you busy working, your work, posters, rainbows I know some of you have made- send them to my email and I'll upload. Let's share all our hard work! 

Have a lovely day Year 6, I know Mrs Afford has set lovely artwork for you today too! 


Love, Mrs Warhamwink



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Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Year 6! 

I'm certainly missing you all! It is very strange not being able to see you each day! 

Today- check out our Maths link for daily learning- there is work set for each day relating to what we have covered recently in our geometry lessons. As well as this- you will find maths meetings each day for this week with the answers (to check of course)! You have key skills to do every Monday and Thursday - we are back to the beginning, starting from check two this week. Aim for those personal bests! Purplemash also has lots of revision games and activities set for Maths this week. 

Writing- see below your writing task for today. GET CREATIVE! Have fun with it- all those times you have wanted to write your very own story- here is your chance! You can link it to Kensuke's Kingdom or make up your very own! 

Spellings- you have an activity to do each day on Purplemash as well as the quiz links on our homework page. 

Reading- you have a chapter and activity to do daily on Purplemash this week.

There are lots of creative History and Science activities on Purplemash and our class plan. Why not have creative afternoons this week?! Get stuck in and create your very own poster about a famous scientist. Have a go at cooking a healthy meal or even visit the link to see how to make your own periscope! 

Have fun and look after each other. 


Mrs Warham 

To all Year 6 pupils and parents, 

I hope you are managing to access the various resources and tasks set online ok. If you are having any problems in doing so please get in touch. 


Year 6- keep working hard at home. 


Stay safe at home everybody. 



Mrs Warham.

On this page, you will find the homework set each week for your child. Spelling words are also included on the document as well as weekly updates of our topics covered. You will also find a short summary of what we will be covering in the following week. 


Homework will be given out each Friday and is due in the following Wednesday.

Spelling tests are every Friday.

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