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Thursday 5.11.20

Today in history, we are starting our new topic about toys. 

Have a look at the worksheets and fill them in. 

Have fun. 

Friday 23.10.20

Today is art and in school we are designing our own dinosaur and painting it. 

Have a think about:

  • Does it walk on 2 legs or 4 legs?
  • Is it a plant eater or meat eater?  
  • How does it protect itself? Does it have spikes, horns or plates?  
  • Is it big or small?
  • Is it slow or fast? 


When you have designed your dinosaur, you could send a photo so I could show your friends. 

Have a great day and happy half term. 

22.10.20   RE

Today we are looking at Sukkot, which is a harvest festival celebrated by people who belong to the Jewish faith. 

Science 14.9.20

RE - Week commencing 13.07.2020 - Forgiveness

Douglas learns that one of the most important reasons to forgive others is that God forgave us first. We need to forgive, just like we need to be forgiven.

Learning Objective: To think about a time that they have had to forgive someone and how God helps them to do this.

Share times they have had to forgive some. Was it easy or was it hard?

Geography/History - Week commencing 13.07.2020

Think about what there is to do in our own seaside town of Southport.
Think about ways that we could make Southport better.

Imagine you are in charge of Southport.  

What would you build there?  What do you already like about it?

Design your own imaginary map of Southport.

Science - Week commencing 13.07.2020 - Staying Safe in the Sun!

RE - Week commencing 6.7.20 - Joseph the Super Hero

Learning Objective - To know why Joseph is considered a hero in the story and what we can learn from the story.
BIG QUESTION – what can we learn from the story?


Task 1 - Ask the children to think about their "strengths of character" and to think of these as a 'Super Power'. In the story of Joseph, one of his 'Super Powers' could be described as 'integrity'. Use the writing template to write about your 'super power'.

Task 2 - Children to record their favourite part of the story and record what they think they can learn from the story to impact their lives.

PE - Week commencing 6.7.20 - Mimi the Mermaid 🧜‍♀️🌊✨

RE/PSHE - Week commencing 29.6.20 - Joseph

Learning Objective - To know about the joy of the united family of Jacob & his sons. 

Link to PSHE - Learning Objective - To understand the benefits of forgiving.

Retell the part in the story where Joseph told his brother who he was, using role-play/stick puppets . Discuss Joseph’s feelings and the brothers’ feelings. Were any of the feelings the same? Did both sides need to forgive? What was the result? Role-play or use stick puppets to retell the time when Joseph met Jacob again. Did he have to forgive any of his sons? Would he have any regrets? Reflect on the part God played in Josephs’s life. You may like to listen to some of the songs from the show.



History - Week Commencing 29.6.2020 - Seaside Entertainment - Magic Grandad

Learning Objective -To know what sort of things people did on holiday at the seaside in the past. To describe what sort of things people do on holiday at the seaside in the present.

Activity - Pretend you are going on a seaside holiday in the past. Chat about your holiday in small groups / pairs.
What is the weather like?
What have you seen?
What have you been doing?

Draw your own picture postcard or choose a photo from the past and use it as a postcard and write a postcard to a friend or relative about your holiday in the past.
Write a story about a holiday you went on in the past using a photo as a prompt.

Chat about things we have learned in this topic.
What have we learned that we didn’t know before?
What was the most interesting thing we learned?
What would the worst / best thing be about holidaying in the past?

Science - Week commencing 29.6.2020

History - Week Commencing 22.06.2020 - The Promenade - Magic Grandad

Recap on previous learning and think of a few things you would like /wouldn’t like about a seaside holiday in Victorian times. Watch ‘Magic Grandad – The Promenade’.
Discuss the information in the video. Look at pictures of old and new transport.
Can you sort the pictures into ‘past’ and ‘present’’? How can you tell which ones come from the past and which ones are from the present?
Sort and stick the pictures in two groups (past and present). If time allows -Choose at least one item from the past to describe / label / write about.

Which things from the past have you looked at today? Give an explanation about an old thing you have looked at today?

PE - Week commencing 22.06.2020

RE - Week commencing 22.06.2020 - Joseph tested his brothers

Learning Objective: To know how Joseph tested his brothers

Explore what a famine is, find out about places experiencing famine today and talk about what it must be like. Discuss the desperation of Joseph’s brothers. Read the part of the story where the brothers come to Egypt to ask for corn (PowerPoint slides 18-20). How did Joseph feel towards his brothers? Was he right not to tell them who he was? What was his motive? Was it fair? Explain how the original dreams had come true.

RE 17.06.2020 - Joseph the Dreamer

Song of the King - 1999 Film | Joseph

Learning objective: To understand that God used Joseph’s gift of being able to interpret dreams.

Watch the part of the story again where Joseph was explaining dreams when he was in prison. Use the song from the show 'Joseph' & make up a dance about the king’s dreams. Discuss how things are changing for Joseph. Compare his despair as a slave and his power at court..


PSHE Link - To relate the feelings and experiences of Joseph to things you face.

Talk about the fact that life has its good & bad times. Record some examples of good and bad times from Joseph’s life and from your own life.

History 16.06.2020 The Beach - Magic Grandad

After watching this episode of 'Magic Grandad', think about what you have learned from the video about what seaside holidays were like in the past, e.g. bathing suits, bathing machines, Punch and Judy shows, donkey rides, etc.
How many of these things would we still do on a beach holiday?
How were swimming costumes different to the ones we wear today?

Activity - Describe and draw on a blank piece of paper clothes / swimwear from Victorian times and now? Label / write sentence(s) about each.

Science 15.06.2020 - Minibeasts - What Am I?

RE 11.06.2020 - Joseph the Dreamer

Learning Objective: To know about Joseph’s dreams.

Recall and discuss the meaning of the dreams in the story. Draw the symbols from Joseph’s dreams & explain their meaning. Draw yourself asleep with a dream bubble describing your dream. Write a sentence to explain each of the dreams, including your own dream.


PSHE - To appreciate that all families have good & bad times and to understand sibling rivalry. 

Think about two good things & one difficult thing about being with a brother, sister or cousin. Think about the brothers’ feelings from the story. Were they right to be jealous? Should Jacob have given Joseph the coat?  Make a big paper outline of a coat, write down some of the things you want to do to improve relationships in your family, stick on the coat and colour in. Make up a drama that explores sibling rivalry.

Science 08.06.2020 - Minibeasts and their Habitats

RE - 04.06.2020 Joseph and His Brothers

BIG QUESTION – Who is Joseph? Why was he a Bible hero?
This half term we are going to explore the story of one of the most well-known Bible heroes, Joseph.
Have you heard of him before? What do you already know about Joseph and his story?

After young Joseph receives a splendid coat of many colours from his father, his brothers become jealous and throw him down a well. Captured by slave traders and taken to far away Egypt, Joseph’s amazing ability to explain people’s dreams helps him survive – and eventually makes him a favourite with the great Pharaoh.

Look at the similarities and differences between seaside destinations then and now, using the PowerPoints above. Compare the similarities and differences between the past and present using the activity sheet above. 

Use the PowerPoint to remind you of the things you already know about showing kindness. What kind things have you done this week? What could you do today to show kindness? Why not write a postcard to somebody you know who is self isolating to show them that you care for them, as an act of kindness.

What is Ascension Day?

Use the PowerPoint and fact file above to learn about Jesus' ascension into heaven. Then answer the questions in the quiz to see how much you can remember. Don't forget to check your answers!

Art & Design - Week commencing 18.05.20

This week I would like you to design and make a  'Yellow Submarine' using junk modelling. Please use the design template below to draw and annotate your ideas. Don't forget to think carefully about what you could use and how you can join pieces of junk together to make your model strong and stable. Once you have finished, upload your pictures onto our class blog, or email them to me. 

Music Weeks 4 & 5

Over the next two weeks (until half term), I would like you to experiment with making different sounds. You may want to make your own instruments, you may have your own musical instruments that you could play, or you might want to use a variety of household objects that could be turned into instruments for the purpose of this task. Once you have spent time experimenting, I would like you to play along to The Beatles 'All You Need is Love' track and ask someone to record/video you doing this. If you can email these to me, I will create a "Mash-up" of all of the work. It does not need to be the whole song. The most important thing is that you have FUN making music! smiley

All You Need Is Love (Remastered 2009)

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group All You Need Is Love (Remastered 2009) · The Beatles Yellow Submarine ℗ 2009 Calderstone Productions Limited (a ...

History - Week Commencing 11.05.2020

Beatles Quiz Questions:

  1. What name did The Beatles go by before they became The Beatles?
  2. What were two nicknames The Beatles may have been called?
  3. Where did the name The Beatles come from?
  4. Who was the youngest and oldest Beatle?
  5. What inspired them to form a band?
  6. How did The Beatles style their hair?
  7. Which Beatle had the happiest childhood?
  8. What was their first single in England?
  9. They could sell out a show in 30 mins and fans chased them everywhere they went, what was this frenzy called?
  10. Why did The Beatles leave their families?

PSHCE - Keeping Safe

This week I would like you to spend some time completing some of the fantastic games and activities on the website above. Click on the emoji on the 'home page' to describe how you are feeling and then complete one of the suggested activities for that feeling. There is some great advice about managing different feelings you may have during this time of uncertainty. In the 'Fun Things to Do' section at the bottom of the web page there are three great activities, which I am sure you will really enjoy doing.

Music 04.05.2020

This week's Beatles song to review is called 'Yesterday'. Miss Samuel played this song on her trombone during the clap for the NHS last Thursday. I would like you to listen to the song using the link below and then complete the song review activity above. I hope you are enjoying listening to the different Beatles songs.

The Beatles - Yesterday

History - Week beginning 04.05.2020

Take a look at the History page on the school website to find out some information and activities about 'VE Day' 2020, where on Friday 8th May we celebrate 75 years since the end of WW2. What are you going to do to celebrate? Any pictures or videos that you send to me will be included in our 'whole school commemoration video'. 

Music 27.04.2020

This week I would like you to listen to the song using the link below and then complete the activity above. It would be great if you could send me your song reviews by email, so I can post them on our class page and blog! Happy listening!

Science 27.04.2020

History/Geography 21.04.20

I have provided the activities above to help with your research about The Beatles. It would be great to hear what interesting facts you all find out about The Beatles - Who they were and where they were from.  

This half term we are going to be learning about The Beatles. This week I would like you to listen to the song using the link below and then complete the activity above. It would be great if you could send me your song reviews by email, so I can post them on our class page and blog! Happy listening! 

Week commencing 30.3.2020

Science - Purple Mash activity

Music - Purple Mash activity

History - Purple Mash activity

French -

PE -

RE - Purple Mash activity

PSHE - 1 Decision (helping someone in need)

Home Prayer Spaces

Week commencing 23.3.2020

Science - Purple Mash activity

Music - Purple Mash activity

History - Purple Mash activity

French/PE -

RE - Purple Mash activity

PSHE - 1 Decision (Water Spillage)