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Look who's rocking the timetables!

Stone Age Clothing - We've been investigating the clothing worn in the Stone Age. Here we are examining the properties of animal skins to keep us warm. We also designed our own functional clothing that would have been worn during that time.

Remembrance Day in Year 3. We learned about Wartime Propaganda and listened to Personal Stories from the children in our class. We then undertook a Remembrance Walk throughout our school exploring the amazing work done by other classes and paying our tributes to fallen heroes.

We were transported back to the Stone Age today to complete our Cave Art! Here we are at work!

Today we started our cave paintings! We learned about the cave paintings discovered at Lascaux in France. Today, we used teabags to make our paper look more like an ancient cave.

We've been learning just how long ago the Stone Age was by making a Toilet Roll Timeline

Listen to the Stories we have written inspired by Stone Age Boy

Stone AGe stories from Bethany.mp3

Stone AGe stories from Oliver S.mp3

Stone AGe stories from RM.mp3

Stone AGe stories from Oliver W.mp3

Stone AGe stories from JM.mp3

Stone AGe stories from CR.mp3

We're learning about 1000s - look at the number lines we made today outside!

Light and Shade using charcoal and white chalk

Creating forest landscapes using chalk pastels (Inspired by our English learning - The Black Hat)

Our first day! Active maths outside - place value numbers!

A visit from our Prayer Buddy!

BBC Supermovers for our times tables

Which biscuit is the best to dunk?

World Book Day - characters from naughty stories

Rolling and balancing in Gymnastics

Safer Internet Day - Year 3 talked about 'Being Me' on the internet.


Money Matters

Gymnastics -The main shapes in gymnastics

Having fun writing and editing dialogue.

Class Worship - Compassion

Year 3 took part in an Active Education Day lead by Sports Skills Academy.  Children were divided into teams for the day and took part in both active and theory based workshops.  Children learned more about fitness and the different elements that make it up.  During the day, children earned points for their team.  Well done to the 'Red' team who won the day.  

Please look on our curriculum page for more photos!!

Investigating Soil

We are super writers!

Enterprise Week 2019 Planning and Evaluation

Class Worship - Service and Kindness

Year 5 came to help Year 3 with editing descriptive writing!

Unite Taster Day

As a Church school, we recognise the importance that faith has in the lives of people here in the UK and around the world. Year 3 took part in a workshop which highlighted the central beliefs in 3 of the world's major religions-Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

Active Maths is fun!!!!