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Mental Health and Well being

We believe that a healthy mind is as essential as a healthy body.

At St Philips we have a number of projects running to support the mental well being of our whole school family.

Staff have recently undertaken a 6 week personal mindfulness course which we are gradually aiming to role out to our whole school.

We currently have

  • a "Mindful" after school club run by Mrs Anderson.
  • Individual and group programmes such a volcano in my tummy, Kid skills and other published emotional well being programmes
  • The focus for our Governing Board Vision and Values Commitee is Staff well being.
  • Pastoral support for children, our adult workforce and our families from our Vicar
  • Weekly counselling service - Brighter Horizons (by arrangement)
  • We celebrate and teach about a healthy mind at regular points including spceial events such as  Mental Health and Well being day. 

National Mental Health and Well being Day Celebration

The Stress bucket! Mental Health First Aid

Five Finger breathing technique