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Play In A Day - April 2016

Wow! What an amazing day Year 4 had creating, learning and performing our 'Play In A Day' based on the theme of 'Friendship'. Every one of our children had a part to play and did a fabulous job bringing a very powerful message on the highs and lows of being friends. I'm sure that all parents who attended the performance, just before the end of the school day, were not only astounded at what Year 4 had learned and remembered in just one day, but were touched by the play's far-reaching emotions, especially looking at when friendships turn sour and when sadly, bullying occurs!

Mrs Edward was so impressed she asked Year 4 to perform the play once again the following morning before the whole school. The children remembered their lines and stage directions brilliantly, and performed their play for a final time in front of all their school mates.

Thank you to all parents who made 'Play In A Day' possible through their financial contributions, and to Jeff, who worked tirelessly with the children to achieve such wonderful results! A truly memorable day for Year 4.