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Pom Pom prayer spaces


 Pom - pom prayer spaces 


We had a great time learning about God's love for us and how we are all special and unique. We loved praying in our pom pom prayer tent and then taking a pom pom home to remind us of what we had done.  


Special thanks to St. Philips church for coming in to make pom poms with the children. 


Please see our class reflection books for more photos and thoughts about the day! 


Thoughts from the day- children and staff! 

 "God loves us all! "

"It was very peaceful and tranquil"

"Thank you God that you know us so well. Thank you for time to reflect on who we are"

"It made me feel peaceful. It made me think about God"

"I hung my pom pom up at home- every time I look at it I remember God's love for me"

"It was amazing and made me feel unique!"