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Welcome to Year 4, our 'Colourful, Creative Bubble'! smiley

Summer term 2 Updates

The Y4 Multiplication Check

You can find out more about this if you log onto


This is the new Multiplication test for Y4 that we informed you about in Autumn 2020.

It is exactly the same layout as the tables practise that the children complete on Purple Mash.

We recommend that you encourage your child to practise all the times tables to 12 as often as possible.

They can select the tables they wish to answer on Purple Mash so some of them have not been practising the higher tables as much as they should. Each session only takes 5-10 minutes. 


They have now all taken the practice test and will be sitting the actual test next week (week beginning 14.6.21) so as much extra practise they can do at home will benefit their confidence and achievement.

Thank you,

Mrs Afford

Gymnastic/PE Summer 2 2021

Please note;

The PE kit for St. Philips is;

white t-shirt

navy blue shorts

pumps (black or white)

Whilst we are are happy for your child to come to school in their hoodies, jogging bottoms or trainers, especially on cold days, they must wear their PE kit underneath.

For gymnastics, it is even more important that they wear the correct uniform as jogging bottoms, sweatshirts/hoodies etc and trainers are unsafe.


The above list is the PE uniform and every child should have one.


Another safety issue is long hair. 

Children enjoy following fashions and trends but when this affects their safety it does become a problem.

Girls should tie their hair back, plait it or any other style that is not loose. Boys who have long fringes (we know this is a trend at the moment) must tie or clip it back for gymnastics please.

Older children are wearing the hairbands currently worn by many sports people which is ideal. Otherwise it will need to be tied back in bobble.

This is a safety precaution to keep our children safe.

Thank you for your co-operation in these matters laugh



Meet the Year 4 bubble!

Year Four Autumn 2020

Year 4 Contingency Plan

Welcome to our Year 4 class page and welcome back everyone! laugh


We hope you have all had a really lovely summer and are all feeling refreshed and ready for your next new and exciting year here at St Philip’s!


Miss Hankinson and myself are looking forward to teaching you this year and we are lucky enough to have the fabulous Mrs Edwards to support us.


*** Please find below our 'Welcome back' letter- this details the information you need for our first day back next week.

Looking forward to seeing you all next Thursday smiley


Mrs Afford and Miss Hankinson heart