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Homework for 25.5.23

Homework for 16.5.23

Homework for 9.5.23

Homework for 2.5.23

Homework - 21.4.23

Fraction of amounts

Homework for 18.4.23

'African art' inspired chairs examples

Homework for 28.3.23

Homework for 21.3.23

Homework for 14.3.23

Homework for 7.3.23

Homework for 28.2.23

Homework for 22.2.23

Homework for 7.2.23

Homework for 31.1.23

Homework for 24.1.23

Homework for 17.1.23

Factor pairs

Homework for 10.1.23

Homework for 13.12.12

Deck the Halls - Instrumental


It's Christmas Medley (Lyric Video) | The Joy of Christmas [Simple Kids]

Michael Buble - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (lyrics)

Homework for 6.12.22

Homework for 22.11.22

Homework for 15.11.22

Homework for 8.11.22

An Introduction to Area | Teaching Maths | EasyTeaching

Introduce students to the concept of area and explain how to calculate the area of rectangles using the rule length x width. An Introduction to Perimeter Find more area (and perimeter) resources at

Homework for 2.11.22

Visit for more.

Homework for 11.10.22

How to Add Multi-digit Numbers with Regrouping

Homework for 4.10.22

Additional support - Rounding Numbers to the Nearest 10, 100, and 1000 | Round up and Round down

Add a spark of fun to your teaching with this video on rounding off whole numbers to the nearest 10, 100, and 1000. Learn the rounding rules, identify the targeted digit, and decide if you need to round up or round down based on the number next to the targeted digit.

Homework for 27.9.22

Homework for 20.9.22

Welcome to our first term of Year 4! 

Home work will be uploaded weekly on this page so it is accessible for everyone, even if a book is lost! Handed out on Fridays, due on Tuesdays. Spelling tests on Fridays 


Many thanks, 

Mr Vernon