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Bella Italia Trip

Year Two had a fantastic day out. The weather was glorious as we walked to Ocean Plaza across the new pier.
Once there, we were welcomed by Nicole and Vikki, who served us throughout.
Every child received a chef's hat, apron, hygienic glove and an activity pack.
Drinks, breadsticks and nibbles were set out ready for the children on arrival.
Each child designed a pizza, selecting their own choice of topping and gave it to the chef to cook.
They were served with their food, followed by ice-cream and a balloon.
The children had a marvellous time throughout and some even left wearing their masks from the activity pack provided. This whole 'Community Outreach Experience' was not only very well organised, but enjoyable and free!
Fully fed and watered, we headed to the new play area at King's Gardens, where they enjoyed exploring.
Thank you to all our helpers for their time, Bella Italia and to Mr Fusco for the air-conditioned lift back to school.