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History Ambassadors visit the Jewish Cemetery


On November 22nd we visited our local Jewish Cemetery to investigate more about our Jewish Community in the lead up to Holocaust Memorial Day 2020.

We looked at how Jewish graves are different from Christian ones e.g. the dates and months used are sometimes different and there is usually writing in Hebrew. The religious symbol most often used is the Star of David and there are often candles and menorahs too. We also noticed that stones are used rather than flowers as a sign of remembrance.

We had an Anne Frank Ambassador with us to interview. Anna was able to tell us about what happened to Anne Frank and what her famous diary is about. One of the graves told us about a girl who came as a refugee to this country when she was five years old as part of the Kindertransport that rescued Jewish children in the 1930s.

We took time to reflect on the consequences of extreme hatred such as that exhibited during The Holocaust.


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Our whole school remembrance journey

We used our windows, mirrors and doors approach to explore remembrance and focus upon our values of compassion and service

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History Ambassadors visit the church Welcome In to share family stories about remembrance

Parables of Jesus- The parable of the sower

R.E Comparing Religions

R.E Bible timeline day

God -by Year 3
Creation - by Yr 1
Fall- by Year 5
People of God- by Year 4
Incarnation by Year 2
Gospel- by Year 6
Salvation- by Year 6
Kingdom of God- by Year 5

Year 5 ARt/R.E work- Peter's vision from Acts