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Here is Eva's Process so far; Making A Viking Longboat

Here is Eva's Process so far; Making A Viking Longboat 1 Eva selecting her materials
Here is Eva's Process so far; Making A Viking Longboat 2 Getting started with some help from Dad
Here is Eva's Process so far; Making A Viking Longboat 3 Eva measuring up
Here is Eva's Process so far; Making A Viking Longboat 4 Eva using a glue gun
Here is Eva's Process so far; Making A Viking Longboat 5 Eva's amazing longboat so far

Hello Again! wink


I have managed to 'cobble' together a version of the Paper Model Template of the Viking Longboat.

I did so by taking screen shots and cropping the images. They are not absolutely in line (pretty close though) but they should still work.

Do let me know if any of you try to make it from my efforts. laugh

** Viking Longboat Paper Model Template **


Unfortunately, the website says this document is too large for me to upload. surprise

I will continue to try to do so. frown

However, if you go onto the Twinkl website, you should be able to download it.

Fingers crossed!  smiley

Week 5 - Keep Building Your Viking Longboats

Week 5 - Keep Building Your Viking Longboats 1 Jaydon's Viking Shield
Week 5 - Keep Building Your Viking Longboats 2 Theo And His Father Completing His Viking Shield
Week 5 - Keep Building Your Viking Longboats 3 Jaydon Preparing For Action!
Week 5 - Keep Building Your Viking Longboats 4 Josh With His Marvellous Shield
Week 5 - Keep Building Your Viking Longboats 5 Josh Has Made A Great Start on his Longboat
Week 5 - Keep Building Your Viking Longboats 6 Theo Has Made His Viking Longboat From Lego
Week 5 - Keep Building Your Viking Longboats 7 A Fabulous Longboat Theo

Hello Y4,


I do hope you are enjoying our Viking History topic and the Art & Craft activities I am setting for you.

I would much rather be making these in school with you all, but it is fantastic to see the amazing work you are doing at home.


I have re-posted the PowerPoint on designing your longship as well as the planning sheet and a guide to drawing a Viking Longboat.


I have also included a template that you can print, cut out and stick together to make a paper model of a Viking Longship.


Sometimes they are called Longships, other times they are called Longboats but they are the same thing - a long Viking boat!


Please do send me your work so I can post it on here for everyone else to see - and on the art page of course! wink Even when it is in the process, as that is just as important as the finished product. 


heart ** These I have posted are just the ones I have received so far. ** heart


Week 4 - Wednesday 13th May


Hello Everyone,


This week we are going to start our Art and DT Project- 'Designing your very own Viking Longship!'


First, you will need to think about the shape and size of your ship; the materials you want to use and how you are going to attach them together.


This needs to be planned. either draw your own ship and label it, or use the one provided and label that.


Do send in photos of your planning so I can see how your are getting along.

Next week you will start to construct your ship, so you will have this week to collect the materials you want to use.


Also look at the History PowerPoint (all about Viking Longships) to find out more information about these ships. they really were an excellent design!


Looking forward, as always, to hearing from you.

Love from Mrs Afford

Design Your Own Viking Longship!

Week 3 - Wednesday 6th May

This week we are looking at the different styles of Viking art. There are six different styles, each one building on the previous designs and techniques. They were very fond of including animals (these change as the time passes) and intricate swirls. 


I'd like you to design your own pattern based on the style you like the most.


The Vikings decorated so many of their things, not just their shields and clothing. In case you feel you'd need a template to start your design on, I have included some with the PowerPoint.



Hello everyone!


It would have taken two weeks for us all to make our shields in school so I am re-posting the PowerPoint for those of you that may not have seen in.

Hopefully, those who have started it will be able to finish their shields and send me pictures smiley


I have included a 'design a Viking shield' activity for those who are unable to make a shield or would like to create a more complicated drawing of a design. 


I hope to see one of both in their glorious technicolour very soon.


Remain home and stay safe everyone

Mrs Afford x

Welcome back everyone. wink


This half-term we will be studying The Vikings in History and Beowulf in English. I thought it would be great fun to create some Viking inspired Art and Design technology too.


This first week, I wantyou to investigate Viking shields; what they were made from and how they were decorated. Then I would like you to design your own shield. If we had been in school, we would be making the shields so it would be fab if you could make one too.


I will post pictures of Viking shield designs for you and some basicpatterns you can copy or use as a basis for yourown design.


Send me lots of photographs of your designs and shields please and I will post them.

How to make a Viking shield

Hello Y4,

I do hope you will enjoy these two Powerpoints that I have made for you. Once again there is so much I want to show you and add to them, that I have had to do so in two parts.

Part 1 tells you about Roger Dean, an amazing British artist who became famous for his fantasy art and illustrations of Album Covers (vynal records!).

His work was iconised by a poster company and they were to be found all over teenagers' bedroom walls during the 70s.

Part 2 deals with his other art work, mostly his series of fantasy floating islands.

I loved the film Avatar and I am sure most of you will have seen at least a trailer of the film. Many people believe that James Cameron got a lot of his visual stimulus from Roger Dean's earlier work. 

I have tried to show comparisons and would love to hear what you think. I have included a YouTube link in the PowerPoint for a clip from the film that shows the aspects of the designs I am referring to.

Although Cameron devised the idea of Avatar in the 1980s, long before he was able to make the film, it came a whole decade after Dean's work was published.

Please, please send me pictures of your fantasy creations.

Love from Mrs Afford

Carl Warner's work part 1

Carl Warner foodscapes part 2

Hello Year 4!

I hope you are ready to continue with your learning about Carl Warner and his amazing 'foodscape'?

I have included a PowerPoinbt that includes some information and examples of Carl's work that you have already seen. However, there are some new compositions and information on the artwork I would like to to create.

There is an artwork appreciation worksheet where you are going to compare two different pieces of his work. there are four altogether, so choose the one withyour two favourite examples on it.

In the PowerPoint, there are instructions for drawing your own detail of half of your chosen fruit or vegetable. 

You choose the media you would like to use.

Please do email me photographs of your compositions or you working on them and I will add them to our page so we can appreciate and share our work.

Please keep all your art work for me for our return.

I am looking forward to seeing what you have done.

Enjoy and experiment!

Mrs Afford