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Monday 1st June

Welcome back! So this week we are going to do some virtual online lessons focusing on what we can remember about 2D/3D shapes and coordinates. Click on the daily links and follow the instructions nd activities. You still have Maths Meeting to do each day. 

Friday 22nd May 

Today, as we have come to the end of this half term and we have been revising all our knowledge on fractions and decimals, take the reasoning quiz. Follow by the arithmetic quiz and see how you get on. The guidance is there for you to go through with your parents once you have finished. 

Monday 18th May 

This week, you are revising all the knowledge you have learnt about decimals. Like last week, there are video links to begin each lesson with as well as your Maths Meeting. If you need additional support, see the Khan Academy website. 

Maths Meeting and video links for each lesson wb 18.05.20

Tuesday 12th May

This week you are continuing work on fractions. I have also found some video links to help give you a bit more of an input for your lessons. Remember the Khan Academy website too for any further help you may need: lots of you have fedback that this is a helpful resource. 

Maths Meeting wb 12.05.20

Video links to start each lesson this week:

Monday 4th May

This week you are revising all you have learnt about fractions. Remember, if you need reminding of any concepts- visit Khan Academy website:

Maths Meetings wb 27.04.20

Maths Meeting wb 20.04.20

For the activity on 24.04.20, do not worry if you do not have a protractor at home. Use a ruler and estimate the size of the angle using what you know about the size of: acute, right angles, obtuse and reflex angles. 

WB 30.03.20 Maths Meeting

Year 6- here is your Maths Meeting for this week (wb 23.03.20)