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WB 13th July Calculator Crunch warm ups

Week beginning 06.07.20

This is a very exciting week!! 

This week you are going to be a designer! You are going to be designing and creating your very own theme park!! 

Using your maths skills, you will need to work out your budget and costs of the rides, amenities, staffing and ticket prices as well as actually coming up with your very own theme for your park!! 

Will you choose a theme park for family of all ages, or one for teenagers? What about the very young children like Cbeebies land? It is entirely up to you!! 

I am excited to see what ideas you think of and what theme parks you creative! 

Use the advert examples below to give you some inspiration! Once you have watched the different adverts, scroll down for each lesson for each day this week.

Have fun and get creative!!

Alton Towers Resort 2019 TV Advert

Feel the Power of the Towers in the 2019 Alton Towers Resort TV advert, featuring new for 2019 The Alton Towers Dungeon and Alton Towers Stargazing Pods. Sub...

Walt Disney World Resort Destination Promo Video (2020)

Gullivers Theme Parks - TV Advert

Alton Towers Resort 2019 CBeebies TV Advert

Feel the Power of the Towers in the 2019 Alton Towers Resort TV advert, featuring new for 2019 Peter Rabbit Hippity Hop and Teletubbies Big Band Live Show. S...

Wednesday 8th July Calculator Crunch

Friday 3rd July 

Are we up for another mystery to solve?!

Take a look at this one for today! 

If you have been in school this week, you may want to have a go at the maths we did this week. Take a look below! 

Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd July 

Your Maths task this week is a multi- step problem that may take you a while. 

So you are going to do this over two lessons. 

First, watch the video. 

Then open up the Powerpoint and complete the 'what else do I know?' percentage puzzle. 

Then look at the document attached- this has all the information you need to solve the problem. 

Work in steps and make sure you pick out only the relevant information! 

If you finish today- have a look at the challenge and further problems for Thursday. 

Have fun!!


Still image for this video

Tuesday 30th June 

After the work yesterday, see if you can remember how to solve these questions! Think back to the work we have done on algebra too!

Monday 29th June 

Let's have a little fun with some algebra today!! Read the Powerpoint carefully and look at the examples- make sure you view it in full screen. Then have a go at the activities.

Friday 26th June

Did you enjoy the Maths Mystery challenge yesterday?? Did you solve the case?? 

Here is one for you to have a go at today!

Thursday 25th June 

There has been a crime that you need to solve using your Maths skills and knowledge!! Watch the video first!!

Be careful, the answers are on the PDF- so don't scroll to the back pages until you have your suspect. 

You have a record sheet to record your ideas as you work.


Thursday 25th June

Still image for this video

Wednesday 24th June 

How are we all finding the calculator crunch challenges?? Easy/difficult? Somewhere in the middle?! 

Let me know how you are getting on. You have some additional maths activities to do today if you wish. 

Optional Additional Maths activities wb 22nd June

Monday 22nd June

This is a challenge for you- you will have more than one to work through tomorrow! 

See how you get on. Your key skills is further down the page- just select check 12. 

Friday 19th June

Fancy a bit of fun today? Below is an arithmetic quiz where you have to get the answer correct in order to crack the code. Check over your answers once you have finished and if you crack the code - you can even print a certificate for yourself! 

Week beginning 15th June 

This week, we are going to explore a little of algebra! We actually use it more than you think and it isn't all that new! So you have your daily lessons uploaded along with the video links to give you an input and explanation each day. You also have your Maths Meeting uploaded below for each day. If you are wanting to do any additional arithmetic work, I have uploaded some more questions for you to practise. 

Week beginning: Monday 8th June

This week, we are continuing are work on coordinates as well as exploring and revising what we know about circles! Maths meeting is uploaded ready for this week as well as optional arithmetic papers to practise to get back into the swing of all our mathematical number knowledge! 

Friday 5th June 

Today you are continuing with the general rules that we learnt in the previous lesson to solve more complex problems involving coordinates. Complete all your Maths Meeting resources.

Thursday 4th June

In today's look for general rules relating to coordinates and then work on finding missing coordinates.

Complete your Maths Meeting and key skills check 9. 

Wednesday 3rd June 

Today you are exploring the reflection of shapes on a coordinate grid. Remember the Maths Meeting and click the link below. If you are wanting further Maths work to do - don't forget to scroll the the bottom of the Maths page. Here you will find additional arithmetic and reasoning work to do. 

Tuesday 2nd June 

Today, you are going to be learning how to translate shapes on a coordinate grid. You may remember some of this from Year 5, but it has been a while! So see what you can remember! Also complete the second slide for Maths Meeting. 

Monday 1st June

Welcome back! So this week we are going to do some virtual online lessons focusing on what we can remember about 2D/3D shapes and coordinates. Click on the daily links and follow the instructions nd activities. You still have Maths Meeting to do each day. 

Friday 22nd May 

Today, as we have come to the end of this half term and we have been revising all our knowledge on fractions and decimals, take the reasoning quiz. Follow by the arithmetic quiz and see how you get on. The guidance is there for you to go through with your parents once you have finished. 

Monday 18th May 

This week, you are revising all the knowledge you have learnt about decimals. Like last week, there are video links to begin each lesson with as well as your Maths Meeting. If you need additional support, see the Khan Academy website. 

Maths Meeting and video links for each lesson wb 18.05.20

Tuesday 12th May

This week you are continuing work on fractions. I have also found some video links to help give you a bit more of an input for your lessons. Remember the Khan Academy website too for any further help you may need: lots of you have fedback that this is a helpful resource. 

Maths Meeting wb 12.05.20

Video links to start each lesson this week:

Monday 4th May

This week you are revising all you have learnt about fractions. Remember, if you need reminding of any concepts- visit Khan Academy website:

Maths Meetings wb 27.04.20

Maths Meeting wb 20.04.20

For the activity on 24.04.20, do not worry if you do not have a protractor at home. Use a ruler and estimate the size of the angle using what you know about the size of: acute, right angles, obtuse and reflex angles. 

WB 30.03.20 Maths Meeting

Year 6- here is your Maths Meeting for this week (wb 23.03.20)