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Week 3 - Adding Adjectives


jeudi dix-huit juin


Bonjour! smiley

This week we are looking at clothing to recap on what you learned in Y4. 

You will also have a chance to revisit the colours too.

Do you remember that the adjectives are usually placed after the noun in French? 


A red jumper = un pull rouge with rouge following pull, not before it.


You will also learn the new vocabulary to describe whether a colour is light or dark.


foncé = dark

clair  = light


English: shade, colour, noun

French: noun, colour, shade



Week 2 - Where is...?


This week (cette semaine), we are look at positional language. Firstly, you will be recapping on the different types of shops that you learned in Year 4. Then you will be learning how to say where a shop is in relation to another. We call these words prepositions; between, near, next to etc.

The French prepositions you will be using are entre and à côté

'entre' means between 

'à côté' means next to


This will change according to the gender of the shop.

If the shop is masculine you use, à côté du... and if it is feminine you use,  à côté de la...


Week 1 Going Shopping

Bienvenue tout le monde,

I hope you had a lovely half-term break.


Some of you will be looking forward to returning to school in the next couple of weeks, but I will continue to up load French on here each week.


This half-term we will be focussing on shopping and conversational French. This with role play activities like those you participated in at Greenbank on our visit, will be a focus for you next year at secondary school, so time to start practising!

What to say when shopping in France

Week 5 - Famous French People

Bonjour mes amis!


This week we are look at famous French people from the past and those alive today. You willbe learning how to use the correct form of the verb 'Être' (to be), just like you learned the verb 'Avoir' (to have) before Christmas.


I think you will have heard of some of these famous French people, but one in particular may surprise you (that they are French rather than that they are famous wink)


J'espère vous voir bientôt,

Madame Afford

Week 4 - Les Monuments de Paris

Bonjour Y6!


This week were are focusing on the famous monuments and landmarks of Paris. There are so many, it is impossible to include them all. I have selected a range of the more popular and/or more interesting.


I would like you to attempt to locate them in Paris on a map, virtual or paper, and then write a brief itinerary for a visit to at least three of these places; which ones is up to you. I would choose the ones I would like to visit most.


Use some French phrases in your descriptions using the prompt sheet, information in the PowerPoint, a bilingual dictionary or Google Translate.


There is an activity sheet for you to match the monuments to a brief description of them.

Bon chance!

Mdame Afford

Week 3 - VE Day in France then & now...

Bonjour mes amis.


Victory Day is a national holiday in France, known locally as 'Victoire 1945' or 'La Fête de la Victoire'. It is the day that commemorates the end of World War II, specifically in Europe.


In France, it is also a day of celebration and remembrance with church services, ceremonies and parades taking place just like in England. The 75th VE Day will be celebrated in France this weekend too.


Today we are looking at the city of Paris and the places you can visit there. We are also looking at the things you can do while visiting Paris.

I would like you to create a leaflet advertising the places to visit and activities available in Paris. You could add the parades along the Champs-Elysées to celebrate VE Day. For glory and grandeur, this is the most famous avenue in the world. If the monuments and symmetrical landscaping don't convince you, remember that Champs-Elysées means "Elysian Fields" which indicates that someone thought this street was heaven on earth.

Week 2 - jeudi trente avril


Bonjour tout le monde,


This week we are looking at directions. This includes learning the names for the compass points and how to describe the placement of French cities in relation to each other. 


This is also a lovely way to revise your geography work.


Madame Afford

Week 1 - This France


Bienvenue tout le monde!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and didn't eat too many oeufs en chocolat! angel


This half-term we are going to look at France the country and this week, it's neighbouring countries.


I could not upload my original worksheet as I literarily cut and pasted maps and pictures but I have found a substitute one and posted that for you. There is also a prompt sheet I made to help you.


Bon chance mes enfants!