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Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum has recently undergone a number of significant changes however the golden threads running throughout remain constant.

We aim to educate for Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills, educate for Hope and Aspiration, educate for Community and Living Well and educate for dignity and Respect. 


Our ambitious, Whole School Curriculum is defined by  Three  Rich Seams which run throughout each discrete subject. The rich seams for each learning area have been specificall chosen as they link learning from one year group to the next.  They build upon children's knowledge base from one year to the next, covering Year Group Expectations.  These three repeated, rich seams run from Reception to Year six for each subject.  

We have designed knowledge organisers for all subject areas.  Teachers design lessons around our golden threads, school vision and values and ensure that children have a secure schema upon which to layer learning -  lessons are lively, engaging, enable recall, repetition and recall of prior learning and importantly include practical elements or active learning.


A number of our children are following an individual, more personalised curriculum designed around their own particular need at a pace or depth more suited to their individual requirements.  We work hard to ensure adaptive teaching is at the heart of our offer. 


British Values are woven throughout our whole school curriculum and are rarely taught in isolation. We provide opportunities for children to evoke change, develop leadership skills and explore their own individuality and spirituality.

Each Curriculum map is updated regularly on the class pages to ensure that we are keeping up with "what's hot and what's not!"

The best way to find out about our curriculum is to ask the children and look at each year group page where you will find lots of photographs showing you what's been going on.  Class and subject specific information can be found throughout the website but please ask if you can't find what you are looking for. 

If you would like additional curriculum information we would be delighted to help.  Please contact the school office and speak to the Head Teacher, Subject Lead or Class Teacher.




At St Philip's we believe that the role of subject leader is key to securing success for all our learners. We invest time and money into Continued Professional Development for all lead teachers.  Subject information is then cascaded to all staff during staff meetings, via separate training sessions for key staff or via INSET. If you would like additonal information about individual subjects you are very welcome to contact our Subject Leaders directly.